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Hard work or Smart work - Which is important?

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Hard work or Smart work - Which is important?
Rajani Sharma 01-9-2012 01:33 AM

Work is important to do as it takes us to the next level of success. The most important question you should ask at this place is what kind of work will take you to that level: is it hard work or smart work.


- Smart work is really the need of the hour.
- Smart work saves lots of time and allows you to be more organized.
- Through smart work your goals can be reached faster.
- Doing smart work allows you to save time for other things which you might not get by doing hard work like, exercise, spending time with family etc.
- Smart work brings lots of recognition from the society and allows you to grow more in the industry you are in.


- Hard work takes lots of time just to make things correct.
- It is totally time consuming and exhausting experience, as after doing lots of work you left out with less energy to do anything else.
- Hard work doesn't allow you to fully use your brain and it pushes you for more physical work.
- In terms of determination and persistence hard work is really important but not lot can be achieved.
- Working hard is not enough as it might not bring the best result of a problem or a situation.

I would like to conclude in the end that smart work is really important as it saves time and allows you to reach your goals faster than that of a hard work.
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Hard work or Smart work - Which is important?
Vishwajeet Thite 08-22-2013 08:23 AM

We are discussing about whether hard work is good or smart work. I will prefer smart work but as a part of discussion we will have a look at both the aspects.

• Hard work is the building block for the smart work.
• To do smart work one should have sound knowledge of the subject. This knowledge can be achieved only through hard work.
• I believe that hard work is always productive – perhaps not in a short run. Rewards come to you when you are not looking for them continuously. When you step out to work with a passion to do your best, you will bring out the best in the others as well! That itself is a great reward.

• In these days, you hear a lot of talk about working smart. People often tell you, “You don’t get anywhere by sheer hard work. Look at the people working at construction sites. They are working very hard, but are they getting anywhere in life? If you want to achieve success, you need to work smart.” Such comments leave most of us in a confusion. What happened to the sayings like, “Work hard and the success will be yours. ”

• Is it important to work hard or not?
• Now we will have a look at the smart work.
• It is a fact that today nobody has much time to act or to create his or her impression.
• Actually hard work and smart go hand in hand for you to be successful. Smart work is about making right strategy.
• Smart work always saves your time which is an important aspect. Through smart work you can achieve your goals faster.
• Hard work doesn’t need mental ability. Conversely a smart worker uses his brain to make the work easier.
• As a conclusion I can say that smart work is very important in today’s fast paced life. But to achieve that stage one should do hard work in the background.
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