Electronics engineer CV sample - electronics engineer CV formats / templates

Electronics engineer CV sample - electronics engineer CV formats / templates (05-21-2012)
An effective CV of an electronics engineer should highlight following qualities:

- Fine motor skills
- Good co-ordination of hands and eyes
- Good colour vision
- Analytical thinking
- Technical problem solving
- Mathematical skills
- Persistence
- Stamina
- Patience

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RE: Electronics engineer CV sample - electronics engineer CV formats / templates Prateek Bajpai (08-26-2012)

Electronics engineer – fresher CV sample

Akshaya XXXX
E-mail: aks***@gmail.com
Phone: _91-98********

Hardworking Electronics engineer with an ability to think analytically and find creative solutions to problems, seeking an opportunity to work with an Electronics Company.

Academic Qualifications

- B.E. - Electronics & communication from XYZ Universitywith 7.1 CGPA in 2010
- HSC from XYZ Board with 75% marks in 2006
- SSC from XYZ Board with 75% marks in 2004

Academic Projects Undertaken

1. Project Name : Black and White ROBOT
Description : In this project we developed a robot which followed the black line drawn on a white surface.

2. Project Name : Variable power supply
Description : The power supply developed in this project varied the supply voltage from 1.1v to 25v with the use of variable resistors.

3. Project Name : Inverted Pendulum Simulation
Description : A software that is used to establish the inverted pendulum in a stable position by using Fuzzy Logic tool box of MATLAB was developed in this project.

Trainings and workshops attended

-Attended 3 weeks workshop on Robotics.
-Attended 1 week workshop on “Future of Electronics”

Extra Curricular Activities

-Won Technical Poster Designing Competition
-Won Paper Presentation competition on “Future of Electronics Industry”

Personal Details

Date of Birth:
RE: Electronics engineer CV sample - electronics engineer CV formats / templates Prateek Bajpai (09-7-2012)

Electronics engineer CV sample

Shalabh Singh
Contact No. +91-779456****
Email ID- ***@yahoo.com

Career Summary

-A analytical and hardworking professional with proven experience in non-linear and active electrical components such as electron tubes, and semiconductor devices, especially transistors,

diodes and integrated circuits possessing 2 year experience as Automation Engineer.
-Proficient in making the PCBs for various purposes.
-Skilled in providing the cost effective and quality product.
-Proficient in fields of electronics like analog electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics..
-Excellent data analysis reporting skills using statistical methods and software.

Personality Traits

-Remarkable speed and efficiency.
-Detail oriented and strong interpersonal skills.
-Ability to work in a team.

Technical Knowledge

-Expertise in Modbus, Profibus, Industrial Ethernet.
-Proficient in various apparatus and technology which is been used in modern era.

Key Responsibilities Handled

-Design and develop the circuit with various components.
-Assist the technical team and electronics Department.
-Analyze the uses of the circuit and try to make it more cost effective.
-Troubleshoot the problems and providing the best possible solution.
-Maintaining the existing circuits.
-Perform various duties as assigned.


-Take an active participation in various summits and attended as guest lecture.
-Worked in the team who discovered the new way to communicate in mobile by new Circuit.
-Receive ‘Best Employee’ award in 2011.


-Working as Electronics Engineer in ABC Company from March 2010- Present


-Masters in Electronics engineering.
-B.tech in Electronics Engineering.

Personal Details

-Date of Birth- MM/DD/YYYY
-Address- SKKSAK
RE: Electronics engineer CV sample - electronics engineer CV formats / templates Bhardwaj Rahul (09-14-2012)

Electronics and Communication Engineering CV sample

Mobile No: +91-98.............


To work in innovative and challenging environment that could enhance and improve my skills, knowledge and to grow with the company.

Career Summary

-3+ years ASIC/FPGADesign and Verification
-Currently associated as a System Engineer in A2Z Technologies with 1-year experience for VLSI front-end verification in ASIC(From Jun 2011 to till date).
-Worked as Engineer - Project & Development in ABC Instrumentation pvt Ltd. With 2.3-years of experience for VLSI frond-end design and verification in FPGA (February 2009 to May 2011).

Skills Set

Programming Language

HDL Language - VHDL, Verilog HDL, System Verilog and OVM methodology
Protocol Handled - UART, I2C, SPI and AHB.

Projects Description


Company : A2Z

Description: Calder is a processor (MIPS 4K) based CSSP that can bridge USB interface to a variety of interface through the programmable OTP logic. That chip also supports Digital signature

and encryption through the AES and SHA implementations. The chip interfaces to SDXC cards, which is used to store the secure code.

My Contribution : Implement the test bench environment for unit level and System level in the ALU module using systemverilog with OVM methodology.

Standalone Router Design in FPGA

Company : Sands Instrumentationpvt Ltd

Description: A Router design in a FPGA which capable to transmit the data from one port to five different ports in its. By designed Round robin algorithm and FSM port controller we achieved

with high data rate.

My Contribution :Implement the test bench environment for unit level and System level using Verilog.

UART IP core

Company : ABC Instrumentation pvt Ltd.

Description : UART is a key component in serial communication system. Serial Transmission of digital data is more effective then parallel Transmission. It converts the parallel data into

serially and re-assembles the byte in other end.

My Contribution :Development of simulation environment in test bench and test case for unit level and System level verification.

Rechargeable Battery Monitor Using Inter Integrated Circuit (I2C)

Company : ABC Instrumentationpvt Ltd.

Description: This project is a Rechargeable Battery Status Monitor like Battery Voltage, Battery Current and Temperature. Here I2C Protocol used to read the above Parameters. The Protocol

Engine Design and interfacing is done in Verilog HDL. The Model Sim is used for simulation.

My Contribution :Design the I2C read and writeengine module for interfacing master and slave using Verilog.


B.E. Electronics & Communication Engineering with 64.31%, April 2008.

Personal Profile

Date of Birth : 30/05/19...
Sex :Male
Marital Status :Single


I do hereby declare that all the particulars given here in above are true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.


RE: Electronics engineer CV sample - electronics engineer CV formats / templates Poonam Rawat (09-18-2012)

Electronic and communication engineering freshers CV sample

BBBB Sharma

Career Objective

-To establish as an engineer in an Environment where I can best utilize my skills and educationor, to become perfect in technical field.

Area of Interest

-Digital Communication
-Optical Fiber Communication
-VLSI, Embedded Systems

Technical Skills

-Computer Language: C, C++, Core Java
-Hardware Language: VHDL, Verilog
-Computer Language: Microprocessor 8086, Microprocessor 8085, Microprocessor 8051

Personality Traits

-Able to work in tough situation.
-Adaptive nature.


-Completed 6 Weeks Industrial Training On C++ From NNNNN, Faridabad.
-Completed 6 Weeks Industrial Training On Networking From MMM, New Delhi.

Workshop Attended

-Attended workshop on Microsoft Dreamspark Yatra.
-Attended workshop on VLSI.

Professional Qualification

-B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from ABC University, secured 71%.

Academic Qualification

-Successfully completed Secondary Examination, XYZ Board, securing 81% in 20**.
-Successfully completed Sr. Secondary Examination, XYZ Board, securing 65% in 20**.

Project Undertaken

-Design and implementation of industrial robot arm control system based on virtual instrumentation
-In our project industrial robot arm control is exercised through a personal computer based virtual instrument. The complete operation of the robot arm’s actions are formulated in logic

algorithm then translated into high level language programs using visual C++ and virtual instrumentation graphical programming language known as VEE-Pro (Visual Engineering Environment). The

virtual instrument panel is developed to operate the robot arm actions from the PC.

Extra Curricular Activity

-Won Just a Minute competition in Inter College Fest
-Won Pictionary competition in Inter College Fest

Personal Details

Date of Birth-7 Feb 19**
Languages Known-English, Hindi, Punjabi
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