Telecom Engineer CV Sample - Telecom Engineer CV formats / templates

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Telecom Engineer CV Sample - Telecom Engineer CV formats / templates
05-21-2012 05:46 AM

An effective CV of a telecom engineer should highlight following qualities:

- Good technical knowledge
- Physical stamina
- Flexibility
- Attention to details
- Problem solving
- Willingness to work in field
- Ability to deal with pressure
- Ability to work with deadlines

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RE: Telecom Engineer CV Sample - Telecom Engineer CV formats / templates
Ishita kispotta 08-18-2012 02:12 AM

Telecom engineer cv sample

Mobile: +91-98********

Career Summary

-Highly qualified Telecommunication professional with experience in research, operational industry and telecommunication systems.
-Experienced engineer and assist the organization to its highest level of performance.
-Successfully accomplished multiple large scale and upgrade projects.
-Experienced professional with strong project management skills.
-Expertise in planning of expansions, implementation, technical coordination, business forecasting etc.

Key Skills

-Excellent in Cisco ICM routing processes and system components.
-Excellent knowledge of telecommunications, including ISDN, analog, T1, T2, SONET and ATM.
-Experienced in LAN/WAN design and support, fiber optic technologies and data networking implementation .
-Expertise in supporting telecommunications server, hardware and software applications.
-Expertise in installing and troubleshooting telecommunication equipment.

Personality Traits

-Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
-Excellent analytical skills.
-Leadership and team player skill.
-Ability to work under pressure.

Professional Experience

Company Name-XYZ
Telecom Engineer
Jan 2009-Till Date

-Visiting the site for documentation and cost estimating of building systems.
-Communicate with engineering staff regarding system layout and drawings.
-Analyze and develop appropriate system concepts and layouts.
-Designing the systems including calculations and cost estimation.
-Analyze and review the technical specifications, shop drawings and product submittals.
-Ensure the quality services by discussing operation strategies with customers.
-Managing daily activities by coordinating with system technicians.

Company Name-XYZ
Junior Telecom Engineer
June 20**-April 20**

-Installing and configuring Cisco VoIP Phones.
-Providing technical leadership in technical solution in design and installation.
-Providing training sessions for technicians.
-Responsible for designing layout and analyzing the implementation stage of the systems.
-Monitor telecommunication system logs.
-Conduct root cause analysis of failures.
-Responsible for installing telephony hardware as well as perform voice networking systems and maintain server.
-Upgrading and maintaining operating systems.


-Cisco Certified Network Associate. (year 20**).
-Awarded as Best Employee of the year in 20**.

Educational Qualification

-B.Tech (Electronic and Telecommunication) from XYZ University in 20**.
-HSC from XYZ Board in 20**.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 15 Nov 19**.
Languages known: Hindi and English.
Address: XYZ.

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