Education is a progressive way of discovering your ignorance.

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Education is a progressive way of discovering your ignorance. (06-18-2012)
We may be educated but, that doesn’t mean we have knowledge. Education is not about how many degrees you have; it is about how well we can make use of the knowledge we gained through them.


- Education helps us to differentiate between right and wrong.

- Education helps us to discuss and converse. During this course, we can discover how ignorant we are.

- Education creates awareness of law and surroundings.

- Education opens your mind. It helps you realize your responsibilities that you would have ignored otherwise.

- Let’s take an example by comparing urban India with rural India. Whether it comes to issues like dowry, equal rights for women etc, we can see a vast difference in the perspectives.

- Knowledge about every new things lets us know about the level of our ignorance in that area.


- They say that it is possible to be educated and still be an empty mind.

- Education can make us aware. However, discovering something is done at a conscience level.

- Discovering ignorance comes through experience.

- Education can add to your knowledge but not necessarily help you discover ignorance.

- Many of the top honchos are not educated but, they are more aware than perhaps many of us.

Needless to mention how important education is; we can safely conclude that education can be one of the means to create awareness. We experience so much daily that we naturally tend to start discovering our ignorance.
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