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General topics for group discussion - GD Topics
GD Topics 08-3-2012 04:07 AM

Should euthanasia be legalized?
Parents don’t understand children
Daughters are more caring than sons
Global warming
Should Surrogate advertising be allowed?
Satellite channels are creating cultural erosion
The pros and cons of having a credit card
Fire overweight policeman and physically unfit politicians?
Computer viruses are good
It is better to be born lucky than rich
Cursing the weather is bad farming
Patience is a bitter plant but bears sweet fruits
If you want peace, prepare for war

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Microsoft Nokia deal: A planned alliance or a desperate move?
A bit of anarchy is good for Indian politics.
Global Free Trade should be followed by all the countries
One-Stop Crisis Centres for Rape and Sexual Assault survivors will bring the change.
Spice Jet entertaining its customers with HOLI performances on board – was it right?
Is it Ok to accept bribe some times?
India needs strong dictatorship rather than weak democratic government
Girls school, boys school or Co-education
Junk food should be restricted in and around schools.
Vegetarian food is healthier than non-vegetarian food.
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