B.Tech mechanical engineer freshers - CV samples and formats

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B.Tech mechanical engineer freshers - CV samples and formats
Rajvardhan Rane 09-10-2012 05:15 AM

B.Tech mechanical engineer freshers - CV samples and formats

Anand XXXX
Mobile: +91-89********
E-mail: anand***@gmail.com

Career Objective

To be a part of an organization where I can fully utilize my skills and make a significant contribution to the
success of the employer and at the same time my individual growth


-Good Knowledge in different types of Materials and various types of production planning and control
-Basic skills in CAD ,MASTER CAM
-Self-Motivated. Excellent communication skills
-Team player

Technical Skill Set

-Production Planning and Contol
-Budgeting Techniques


-Basic level C++ PROGRAMMING

Academic Projects

-Study Project : “Logged-off work table for setting entry guide boxes”

-Project Description :

With this table we can able to solve the problems like resetting the guides in rolling lines due to wrong alingnment
of guides. as we can able to assembled extra entry guide box. it saves time as it is avoids resetting works


-Auto CAD

Academic Qualification

-B.Tech. Mechanical from Institute 1aa, University ACS in the year 20XX
-Mechanical Diploma CSD Polytechnic in the year 20XX

Achievements and Extra Curricular Activities

-Participation in technical symposiums in our college
-Captain of College cricket team

Personal Details

-DOB: 8th Jan, 19XX
-Languages known: English, Hindi,Sanskrit
-Hobbies: Plaing Cricket, Watching movies
-Address: AVS
RE: B.Tech mechanical engineer freshers - CV samples and formats
B.Tech freshers CV 09-11-2012 01:32 AM

Deepak Raj
Mobile: + 91-XXXXXXXXXX
Email: XXXXXXXXXXX@gmail.com


Looking for a challenging and Responsible position in the field of Information Technology and have the flexibility to adapt to any new environment and work on any project wish to utilize this experience in an organization as part of them


-B.Tech, mechanical engineer from..........
-Intermediate from ................
-S.S.C. from ..............


Programming Languages - C, Java, .NET
Operating System - Windows
Web Technology - JavaScript, HTML, ASP.NET
Database - ORACLE 10g, Microsoft SQL Server


-Ability to work in a team and individual environment
-Strong and quick acquiring of new technologies.


-Participated in ............
-Participated in ............



Project -
Environment - VB.NET (ASP.NET), Windows XP.
Database - MS ACCESS
Team Size - 3.
Duration - 1 Month.

Description -

Roles and Responsibilities:

-Involved in UI Design and Implementation
-Preparation of Documentation.


Date of birth -
Languages Known -
Permanent Address
RE: B.Tech mechanical engineer freshers - CV samples and formats
Shobhna Bhati 09-27-2012 12:48 AM

Mechanical engineer freshers CV sample

Contact: +91-XXXXXXXXX
E mail ID: XXXXXXX@gmail.com

Career Objective

To start and build a career in the field of mechanical engineering with my discipline and hard working skills.

Technical and personal skills

-Good knowledge of designing.
-Good numeric ability.
-Computer savvy.
-Can accept responsibility.
-Quick decision making.
-Team work.
-Disciplined and loyal.

Educational background

-Pursuing correspondence M. tech from XXXX University.
-B. tech with mechanical engineering from XXXX College in year XXXX with XX %.
-Higher secondary from XXXX board in year XXXX with XX %.
-Passed high school from XXXXX board in year XXXX with XX %.

Certification course

-6 months certificate course in engineering design from XXXX institute.
-1 year diploma in computer applications.

Academic training

-45 days summer training on “designing power plant” from XXXX Company in 6th semester.

Academic Projects

Project title: Dual engine two wheelers

Team size: 6

Time duration: 1 month

Responsibility: To design the working of engines and other parts.

About the project: Dual engine vehicle is a type of two wheeler that will run with the help of more than one type of fuel. One fuel will be fixed that is petrol and another may be either LPG or CNG. These fuel will be stored at different place and at one time only one fuel can be used.


-Our project was awarded as the “best project” of the year.
-Participated in science exhibition and represent the college at national level.
-Actively participated in various cultural activities.

Why should you hire me?

Being fresher I have a good knowledge of mechanical designing and handling of mechanical tools, and I can use my creative mind for the benefit of the organization.

Personal details

Date of birth: XX-XX-XXXX
Languages known: English, Hindi, and XXXX
RE: B.Tech mechanical engineer freshers - CV samples and formats
sonali taste 09-27-2012 05:41 AM

Mechanical engineer freshers CV sample

91 98230*****


A Mechanical professional seeking challenging opportunity to work for a renowned organization to enhance my knowledge,skills and techniques which can benefit the Organization.


-Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from ABC College of Engineering with 1st Class.
-HSC from State Board with Distinction.
-SSC from State Board with Distinction.


-Literacy:CLAP-I & CLAP-II
-Modeling Software :AutoCAD, CATIA.
-Operating Systems:Windows XP,DOS 6.0,Windows Vista.



Line Follower Robot.

Main Project:

-Perpetual Motion Machine.


-Positive Approach.
-Vision for Growth.
-Leadership qualities.


-2nd Prize for a seminar on the topic 'Human Power Harvesting' in the All India Engineering FEST.
-1st Prize in 'Robotics' in XYZ College of Engineering.
-Gold medal in Annual Fest in XYZ College of Engineering for Swimming.


-Collecting Antique Stamps and Currency.


Address:45,Bindu Chowk,Kridamandal,YUZ.
Date of birth:08/08/19**
Languages Known:English,Hindi and Gujarati.
RE: B.Tech mechanical engineer freshers - CV samples and formats
Ishita kispotta 09-29-2012 04:01 AM

Mechanical engineer freshers CV sample

Mobile: +91-85********

Career Objective

Seeking for a career opportunity to utilize my mechanical trainings and skills and provide significant contribution to the success of my employer effectively. Willingness to work hard in a

challenging environment with a purpose of growth, knowledge and creativity, in order to achieve organizational goals.

Key Skills

-Knowledge of Basic of C Language.
-Completed course on AutoCAD with 2D & 3D Modelling.
-Expertise in all editions of windows & MS Office.
-Excellent knowledge on Mechanical Core subjects.


-Good Communication skills.
-Problem solving skills
-Ability to work in a team.
-Organizational skills

Academic Qualification

-B.Tech (Mechanical) from “XYZ University” with 80% in 20**.
-HSC from xyz school, CBSE board with 75% in 20**.

Academic Projects Undertaken

Team size: 6
Title: Heat Exchanger using Tube.
Duration: 4 month.
Description: this project is based on the exchange of heat, which is used in various industries. A shell and tube exchanger consists of several tubes mounted inside the cylindrical shell. Two

fluids can exchange the heat so in a tube one fluid flows through the tube while other flow over the outside of the tube. Therefore, the fluid can be single phase or it can be two phase. The

flow arrangement can be either parallel or cross flow.

Vocational Trainings

Successfully completed vocational training with “XYZ” company from May 20** to July 20**.


-Participate in the maintenance activities of Fertilizers.
-Work on steam generation and captive plant.
-Prepare report on the growth of plants and use of the fertilizers.

Successfully completed vocational training with “XYZ” company from Sep 20** to Nov 20**.


-Handle static maintenance of diesel hydro plant.
-Replace the gaskets hydro testing
-Prepare report on working of hydro treating plant.


-Awarded as “Best Student of the Year” in 20**.
-Best Outgoing student of Mechanical branch in the year 20**.
-Participated in inter college Cricket match.


-Interacting with people
-Playing Cricket & Football
-Listening Music

Personal Details

-Date of Birth: 09 June 19**.
-Languages known: Hindi, Marathi and English.
-Address: XYZ
RE: B.Tech mechanical engineer freshers - CV samples and formats
deepak 02-21-2013 12:48 PM

RE: B.Tech mechanical engineer freshers - CV samples and formats
pritish kumar pradhan 02-26-2013 05:54 AM

fresher mechanical cv

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