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Journalism/Mass communication freshers - CV samples and formats
Journalism/Mass communication CV 09-13-2012 09:07 AM

Journalism/Mass communication freshers - CV samples and formats

Babbu Limye
Mobile - 9XXXXXXXX
Email -
Current location - Mumbai

Seeking assignments in Corporate Communication/Public Relations/Content Development

Professional synopsis

-A keen communicator with honed interpersonal, problem solving and analytical abilities


-Completed 2 months internship programme at Tehelka Newspaper, New Delhi and handled workflow related to the copy and designing of news matter.
-2 months internship programme at Doordarshan, Mandi House, New Delhi and managed Guests for various programs & also learnt various skills in production.

Qualification highlights

2012 - Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from .............
2010 - Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication from ...............
2007 - XII from ............
2005 - X from ............


-Diploma in Public Relations and Corporate Communication from ..............

IT Skills

Graphic Designing Software - Quark Express, Corel Draw Graphic Suite, Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite and Adobe PageMaker
Software Package - MS Office

Academic achievements


Personal Details

Date of birth -
Language known -
Current address -
RE: Journalism/Mass communication freshers - CV samples and formats
Shobhna Bhati 09-27-2012 01:51 AM

Journalism or mass communication freshers CV sample

Saurabh XXXXXX
Contact: +91-XXXXXX
E mail Id:

Career Objective

Looking for a junior level position in journalism sector to start my career with my learning, loyal and punctuality skills for the profit of the organization.

Educational Background

-2 years diploma program in Journalism and mass communication from XXXX institute in year XXXX with XX %.
-Arts graduate from XXXX College affiliated to XXXX University in year XXXX with XX %.
-Higher secondary passed from XXXX board in year XXXX with XX %.
-High school passed from XXXX Board in year XXXX with XX %.


-3 months training from XXXXX news paper. Key learning are:

-Assisting the reporter in collecting the news details from the source.
-Helping and observing the reporter while interviewing the high authority persons.
-Assisting in making the final reports before sending it for publication.
-Wrote the articles and getting feedback from seniors.

-45 days training from XXXX news channel on video shooting of the news.

Key skills

-Quick observer.
-Quick and correct decision making skills.
-Put all the efforts in completing the given task.
-Good written and oral communication skills.
-Hard work.
-Computer savvy.
-Good listening skills.


-During training from XXXX company awarded as “best trainee” among 20 trainees batch.
-Represent the college at state level in “general knowledge quiz” competition.
-Member of college volleyball team.


-Playing Piano.
-Watching news channel.

Personal details

Date of birth: XX/XX/XXXX
Languages known: English, Hindi, and XXXXXX
Address: XXXXXX
RE: Journalism/Mass communication freshers - CV samples and formats
sonali taste 09-27-2012 05:37 AM

Journalism freshers CV sample

91 9970******

Career Objective

A courageous & confident person wants to earn fame in journalism through his skills & techniques, by accepting a challenging job in the field of Journalism.

Core Competencies

-Excellent Communication skills
-Deep knowledge of the grammar.
-Sound knowledge of Paper layout,Writing Report,Editing.
-Positive Approach.
-Great attention to detail
-Strong sense of urgency to meet deadlines
-Keen interest in people, facts and events.
-Better Presence Of Mind.

Academic Credentials

-Master of Mass Communication & Journalism from DKl University with First Class.
-Diploma in Journalism from DKY University with First Class.
-Bachelor of Arts (English) from DJK University with First class.
-HSC (Arts) from SJL Board with Higher Second class.
-SSC from DKJ Board with Distinction.


-Participated in college Seminars on Journalism.
-Worked as a Class Representative for 2 years.
-Made a strong presence in the screen plays & road shows for creating the awareness of ‘Save Girl child’ & ‘Anti-corruption’.
-Passed NCC ‘B’ & ‘C’ Certificate exams.
-Active Member of the NSS.
-Participated in various social activities organized by NSS.
-Played football at State level.

Areas of interests

-Watching news
-Reading books & newspapers.
-Playing football.
-Visiting orphanages & old-age homes.
-Interacting with people.

Personal Profile

Date of Birth:28th Feb 19**
Address:17/A,Pratibha Nagar, BSJK.
Languages Known:English,Hindi,Marathi and German.
RE: Journalism/Mass communication freshers - CV samples and formats
Ishita Kispotta 10-6-2012 05:56 AM

Journalism freshers CV sample

Mobile: +91-85********

Career Objective

Seeking for an opportunity in the field of communication to utilise skills for the growth of organisation and upgrade my skills and knowledge in the communication sector.

Key Skills

-Excellent communication skill.
-Basic knowledge of lighting
-Knowledge of editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Flash & Dreamweaver.
-Knowledge of basic operating systems like Microsoft Word & PowerPoint


-Good Team player
-Positive Thinker
-Hard worker.
-Ability to learn new skills.

Academic Qualification

-Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication from “XYZ University” with first division in 20**.
-HSC from xyz school, CBSE board with first division in 20**.


Worked as Trainee Media Planner in “XYZ” school for 6 months.


-Research on buying ad space.
-Assist media planners for designing ad placement campaigns.
-Assisting for advertising ads.
-Prepare copy of ad placements.
-Assist the creative team for completing the project on time.


-Awarded for efficient performer in organizing events.
-Award for best volunteer in college.
-Won 1st prize in photography competition held by xyz.
-Won 1st prize in street play.

Extra-Curricular Activity

-Participated in seminars and workshops in school.
-Participated in debate, drama and speech competitions.
-Participated in 100m hurdles in school annual sports meet.


-Surfing on internet.
-Newspaper reading.
-Listening to music.
-Trekking and hiking.
-Writing short stories.
-Reading the ancient literature.

Personal Details

-Date of Birth: 29 June 19**.
-Languages known: Hindi and English.
-Address: XYZ

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