India's huge population - bane or boon?

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India's huge population - bane or boon? (12-30-2011)
India’s population is going to provide us with better options in the coming future but will India withstand the necessities of the ever growing population or will it perish in this process?


- India’s population is a boon as it would result in high income which would in turn result in higher savings, clear indicators of economical growth.
- Our population offers us an absolute force of cheap manpower which is a very useful tool for India.
- People turning up of government services have increased significantly which is a very good sign for a country like ours as it would mean more social force.
- Our growing population has resulted in an increase of different options in various fields guaranteeing more jobs.
- India has become a nation of various talents. Larger population means a deeper pool of domestic intelligence which can be used to good effect.
- Larger skilled population means a natural inclination of foreign companies to offer us newer projects and yes we can do them more cost effectively.
- Larger population can be a big asset in labour based manufacturing units which can make us a big exporter of hand made goods - every hand can become an earning hand for the country.


- It creates unemployment as the population keeps on increasing the job opportunities keeps on diminishing.
- India’s infrastructure won’t be able to withstand the burden of our ever growing population.
- Literacy rates are not in direct relation with the increase in population and this is resulting in people piling up below the poverty line.
- There is a major dip in the standard of living as well as in health departments as India has a very poorly administered population policy.
- The existing grain is getting used up at the rate of knots and the rate at which the population is growing it will be impossible to supply food and water to this increasing population.
- Awareness programs about the disadvantages of overpopulation have failed to make an impact on the societies as they are very few in number are restricted to few areas only.
- Huge unfed population can lead to criminalization of the society.

Our country’s ever growing population is a bane more than a boon as it can devastate our nation and can cause imbalance in the world. It could lead to instability of world economics and world peace as the population of India is second highest in the world. Its time that an effort is being made to create awareness among the people, which might put a halt on the mounting population.
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RE: India's huge population - bane or boon? shravika (09-7-2015)
the for statements are worst that are not even having a meaning

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