The rise of regional political parties is a threat to the unity of India.

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The rise of regional political parties is a threat to the unity of India. (12-30-2011)
After independence, division of India into smaller states was the start of the division of Indian unity. Thinking that India is a nation is a delusion. The sooner we realize the better for us. For then only can we work towards the goal of becoming a nation. But do regional parties pose a threat to India’s unity?

- The loyalists of India have not denied the existence of innumerable differences which divides and distracts the whole nation.
- Division of people into various castes has been used by the politicians for their benefit, which poses a great threat to our unity.
- There are lots of evil forces present in India (like politicians and tainted ministers) which make India’s unity a distant reality.
- It would result in carving out of more small states, which adds to the comprising nature of coalition politics.
- Regional interest takes over nation interests are people are satisfied with fulfilling their own interests and fail to see the larger picture.

- India being a democratic country will always be under parliamentary control, but it should be possible to pick out logical and pleasing interests that would please the people as whole.
- If regional parties are consolidated on the lines on national parties then it would be a huge step towards the unification of small states.
- Regional parties will never be a threat as opinions of majorities will always prevail in a democratic country like India.
- Regional political parties will be merged if they do not serve the interest of people, thus nullifying its threat.

The party system in India is covered by the twilight of change. In the coming time, India will see the consolidation of regional parties into one or two national parties or the disintegration will advance until a monolithic party or a untied force is thrown up to stamp its authority over the political chaos.
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