The main outcome of democracy in India is corruption

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The main outcome of democracy in India is corruption
Nupur Bhargava 09-12-2013 04:41 AM

The main outcome of democracy in India is corruption

Corruption and democracy always go hand in hand. India is called a democratic country and so it is obvious that there is corruption also prevailing in abundance out in India. But is democracy only the cause?


- Democracy offers egalitarianism and makes it tranquil to play around with loopholes.
- There is no direct relation between democracy and corruption, but it enables selfish people with power and especially to those who are not capable of performing independently
- It’s the population, who chooses a democratic person and that could be biased based on fear and greed
- Although democracy gives right to freedom be it poor or rich, but in India the poor don’t have a say in the matters of the country and usually they are being overpowered by few influential and unethical politicians


- Democracy is a systemic peril and is dependent upon individuals and legislative tenets
- As democracy is defined, it’s the people who choose democrats, then why is it that democrats are blamed for corruption, they are responsible, but it’s the public who has appointed them, so it’s not that only the democrats are at fault even the public holds a hand in increasing corruption
- As per a recent survey, almost 62% of Indians are seen to be offering bribes to administrative officials to get their work done in a jiffy, so to a large extent its even the general public that promotes corruption to a great extent
- If people stop offering bribes to get their work done, then quite a lot of corruption can be reduced.


- It’s not always the politicians or democrats who encourage corruption but by and large they are responsible and even the general public plays a huge role in promoting corruption.
RE: The main outcome of democracy in India is corruption
jash shah 10-15-2013 03:38 AM

The Main Outcome Of Democracy In India is Corruption.

Democracy according to Indian constitution means "by the people, for the people and to the people". But this advantage of enjoying freedom in a country of 1.3 billion people cannot be described in few words. Everyone from a kid to a senior citizen enjoys the power of freedom. Corruption starts before a child comes to the world. His parents bribe the doctors to know his sexuality. The schools get bribe for his admissions. He is bribed at his work place for conducting unfair means and even the wood for his death bed comes from a bribe.

Maosist or Naksalist whose danger still remains in the north eastern part of India is due to democracy. People are mis-utilizing their right of freedom even at the time of elections. People have become self centric and they think of their own benefits before others. They can be easily diverted from the path of honesty by showing a handful of money and artificial power which is just a misconception.

Everyone in our country is surrounded by corruption and directly or indirectly they are the part of corruption. Corruption has entered in the human body as blood, which has become a necessity for their survival.

Democracy was included in the constitution to provide an individual with the right of survival in the world according to his choices. And this advantage of making their own choices has taken an individual to the path of corruption. Corruption now cannot be removed by taking away the right of democracy by an individual. The only way to eradicate corruption is by uniting troops of individual and fighting against Corruption as a disease.

Thus we can conclude that corruption is one of the main outcome of democracy in India. Thus it is the responsibility of every individual to stand against corruption and abolish it.
RE: The main outcome of democracy in India is corruption
Rajani Sharma 12-14-2013 05:31 AM


- Democracy is not directly responsible for promoting corruption; it only gives power to the people who have selfishness aims.
- Democracy is of the people, for the people and by the people. But this democracy has lead to corruption as once the politicians are elected by the people they are neither for people and nor of people. Their main aim becomes to serve their selfish desires.
- Today our choices differs in terms of choosing the right candidate in the election as the promises seems true in the beginning but after looking at so many past incidents all the promises seems untrue in the end.
- In democratic country like India, everyone has right of equality which makes it easier to play around loopholes in India.
- This democratic right to choose their representative can be affected by the means of greed or fear.
- In the name of democracy every other person is trying to satisfy their selfish needs by any means.
- The list of corruption is quite long and we can see today that there is not a single sector or area of our life which is not affected by corruption. We are also a part of this corrupt society, as we are using the same system to gain things easily and quickly. It is our fault that we have misused the freedom that is given to us in democracy and wrongly used powers.
- Corruption is in our everyday’s life thus, if we want to eradicate the same, we have to change our attitude towards the way we are managing things.
- The democracy is the reason of corruption as it gives so much freedom to express in many ways and it doesn't allow restraining one's self to misuse it.


- Today corruption is a major common disease which is spreading everywhere. It has nothing to with the democratic country or non democratic country.
- Democracy alone cannot be blamed for corruption. The reason for the same is that during the British rule there was no democracy in India. At that time also there are many evidences available of corruption.
- Democracy doesn’t support corruption. In other words, people are greedy and for their selfish needs they are utilizing democratic powers in wrong ways and increasing corruption in our country.
- Great thinkers spread ideas of democracy with a view to establish a welfare society but when the politicians of our country apply this idea that leads to corruption.
- Corruption and Democracy can't be constructed as a cause-effect relationship. Democracy leads one to follow the principle to lead by rules but, corruption just does the opposite.
- Corruption is power plus wealth. Thus those who have wealth will try to buy more power, while those with power will try to get great amount of wealth.
- It is us who are responsible for the corruption. It should be our responsibility to elect the righteous person who can run the government and spread the right message and provide right direction.
- Corruption is happening not only because there is democracy but there are other factors as well like Scarcity of resources, population, lack of jobs, education, etc.
- Democracy is not responsible for corruption as it is a personal equation and choice that one makes to spend their life. It is mainly due to the people who wants more than what they deserve.
- Democracy gives right to choose people but it leaves everything on the people to choose the right candidate that can provide them without corruption all the necessary things they are looking for but if those candidates only doesn't give back to the society what is right, then democracy can't be blamed for that.

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