Has the political class failed to meet the aspirations of India’s youth?

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Has the political class failed to meet the aspirations of India’s youth? (10-14-2013)

Has the political class failed to meet the aspirations of India’s youth?

We select the politicians and send them to the assembly to ensure that they embody the promises they have made during the pre-election rallies and meetings. Have they really been able to deliver what they promised? Or has the youth of India actually fulfilled its responsibility before expecting anything from the politicians?


• Politicians make tall promises at the time of elections but do not delver them after coming to power. They have all the powers and are well aware of the problems of the society but turn a blind eye to them. All they are interested in just enjoying the power and luxury their seat has got them.
• It is often said that rather than being watchers and commentators, the youth should jump into the system to fix it but the entry barriers for the youth coming from not so privileged background are extremely high in politics.
• The youth needs guidance and it is our politicians who can set the ground for them.
• The economic ground for job creation is created by the political class of a country, which our politicians are not interested in. They are more interested in offering subsidised food to the poor so that their votes are safe.


• The responsibility to develop the society and meet its aspirations is not just the task of the politicians. As a member of this society, all of us must shoulder our responsibilities and make society a better place to live and help it grow economically.
• Rather than expecting the government just to create the jobs, is it not our responsibility to increase our employability quotient? But we never pay attention to it.
• If some youth within the society turn into job providers rather than just the job seekers, the country can grow overall but we do not change our attitude and just keep blaming it on the politicians.
• To vote is the biggest responsibility of a citizen in democracy. By not voting, we do not discharge our duty and complain when the politicians selected by uneducated people do not deliver.
RE: Has the political class failed to meet the aspirations of India’s youth? Rajani Sharma (12-14-2013)

- Politicians rally themselves and make false promises at the time of elections, but they forget those promises, that have been made to people during elections after coming to the power. India's youth has already lost hope of any good political party, which can come and make it successful on the top level.
- Politicians have all the powers to take action and solve the social problems that are faced by every person in the country but they remain involved in experiencing the great power in their hands and the luxury filled life.
- Young youth doesn't get opportunity on the big platform to enter the system and make any decision on the ongoing problems of the society. There are entry barriers for the people who are not from privileged backgrounds and discriminations on the basis of cast is also practiced in politics.
- Politicians in the country doesn't set any example for our youth to follow and they get engrossed in power so much that they forget the responsibilities of theirs for the country and its people.
- Political class uses its power and provides offering only at the time of votes or whenever there is any political agenda for which they want to use people.


- The responsibilities need to be shared and it is not only up to the political class to develop the society and take care of the rules and regulations whereas it is the responsibilities of all to provide, protect and care for the society and environment. Young youth should come up with innovations in political areas as well as to help the country to become a better place for next generations.
- Young youth should come forward and work towards distributing the responsibilities of creating and building societies, creating more job opportunities, providing right education and increasing the overall growth of the country.
- Youth should seek opportunities in everything, so that they can help in development of the country and help in changing the attitude of other young people so that they can make difference in the society as blaming the politicians for not doing their responsibilities will not help others to get what they want.
- It will only be right if young youth will understand their responsibilities and work towards to achieve something. Young youth should give the vote to that political party, who will take them forward to success and provide them all the resources according to their demands.

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