Network Administrator career objective and career summary

Network Administrator career objective and career summary

Career Objective

To secure a position as Network Administrator at XYZ Letd. Diligent and meticulous coupled with the ability to identify problems and come up with solutions can help in ensuring that network runs smoothly without any issues.

Career Summary

• A B.Tech in Computer Engineering from ABC Institute of Engineering with over 4 years of experience in MNO Inc.
Handled a team of 10 finding solutions to complex problems through careful analysis requiring in-depth evaluation of various factors.
• Expert knowledge of Network Tools and Utilities needed for performance training and configuration management.
• Well versed with multiple OS platforms used for hosting Network tools and utilities
• Evaluated and implemented required network change requests.
• Monitored and assisted in finding solutions to network incidents.
• Handled troubleshoot straightforward networking problems by looking deeper into the problems.
• Performed quarterly proactive network testing for ensuring reliability and smooth functioning of the network.
• Contributed in identifying and resolving problems through various solutions based on analysis.
• Appreciated by senior management on providing cost benefit on a number of projects.
• Good physical stamina with an ability to work with keen eye for details and stay calm in tough situations.
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