Sample approval letter to approve a request

Sample approval letter to approve a request

We had received your request to use our album song for your advertisement. We are pleased that you would be using our song for your advertisement and promotions.

We request you to not alter the wordings of the song or use the song in a mocking way or that may be unacceptable to the company. We have also attached the terms and conditions to be taken care of while you use the song for your advertisement.

We would appreciate that you show us the sample reel of the Advertisement before getting it telecasted. In case you breach any of the terms and conditions as mentioned in the attachment you will be liable to pay the compensation for the same.

Thank you for approaching us, looking forward to see the final outcome of your advertisement.
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  • Sample approval letter to approve a request -Hemant Sharma (03/25/14)
  • Sample approval letter to approve a request

    I received your letter dated February 28th, 2014 and, after careful consideration, have decided to grant your request to extend the March 10th deadline to March 31st.

    Due to your ongoing illness, I would not want you to drop out of school this semester. However, completion of the assignment on the revised timeline is a must. I have agreed to excuse your documented absences and also will accept your late assignments but only if they come to meet within the revised timeline.

    I am also pleased to hear that your physician has given you a go ahead to resume your studies normally.

    Thank you for informing me at the right time. I look forward to viewing your finished work.

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