Sample Memo for Late coming, indiscipline to employees

Sample Memo for Late coming, indiscipline to employees

Time and discipline are the two important factors which drives a company. The success of any company is the outcome of the efforts that is put down by its team members. Recently it has been found that the employees have started taking the office timings lightly. There has been a sudden increase in the late comers. Every now and then company is finding people coming late to the office.

It is therefore become imperative for the company to take necessary actions. It has been decided by the management if any employee is late by more than 5 minutes then it will be considered as a late attendance. When this late count attendance will reach 3 in a month, the employee will be marked absent for one day.

The management has always accepted the genuine reasons for being late. But when the employees start taking the given privileges for granted then it becomes the responsibility of the company to take required course of action. So from now onwards no late coming requests would be accepted.

Hope to see you all complying with the company rules.
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  • RE: Continues late coming -Ahmed Shaaif Adil (12/26/16)
  • It has been observed from the attendance record that your late comings are increasing frequently. You are aware that our code of conduct does not allow our employee more than 3 late coming in the month.
  • RE: Sample Memo for Late coming, indiscipline to employees -Poo (08/08/15)
  • Very useful matter. Thank you so much
  • RE: Sample Memo for Late coming, indiscipline to employees -Teena Bhatia (03/14/14)
  • Sample Memo for Late coming, indiscipline to employees

    "Coming Late to the work space is indiscipline, Moving late is indecency". Instances have come to the notice that some of the officers and staff members of ABC International have made it a regular practice to arrive office late. The timings of punching are not strictly adhered to and later on when questioned, the employee state “official duty” as the reason for coming late. It has also been found that some of the employees come late, punch card only and then straightaway leave the office without visiting their respective section. This pattern of attendance is unacceptable.

    The management has decided to take strict course of action against the employees who are regular in late coming. Late attendance punching by 5 minutes for a maximum of three times in a calendar month shall be allowed, after which for every three late marks, one day salary will be deducted. Only two short leaves of 2 hours duration will be allowed in a month. Also a prior notification is must before you take any leave. Employees failing to adhere with the norms have to face serious disciplinary actions.

    Please sign a copy of this letter in acknowledgement of receipt of this letter.