Software Developer career objective and career summary

Software Developer career objective and career summary

Career Objective

To secure a position in ABC Ltd as a senior software developer to capitalise on the strong technical knowledge on product development and designing perfect end-to-end solutions.

Career Summary

• An M.Tech from ABC Institute of technology with 4 years of work experience with XYZ.
• Well versed with languages like C++, Java, Dot net amongst others.
• Worked on several projects and provided end-to-end solutions to clients
• Expert on product development with strong project management skills to meet compelling deadlines.
• Strong technical skills with an ability to predict the problems and provide advance solutions to them.
• Ability to effectively convert the functional requirements in a technical system.
• Hands on experience on working with various languages along with developing and customising framework
• Conferred with the ‘budding developer’ award by the company for designing “Josh” software
• Effective client interaction skills with an ability to manage a conference effectively.
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