20 WAP interview questions and answers


WAP interview questions and answers

1. Why is WAP used in the browser?
2.What are the differences being brought from WAP 1.1 to WAP 1.3?
3.What is the use of deck and card in WAP?
4.What is the process to write WAP applications?
5.What is the function of WAP simulator?
6.What is the procedure to access WML content using a simulator? - WAP
7.What are the limitations of accessing the resources using WAP?
8.What is the difference between WMLScript and JavaScript? - WAP
9.What is the process to differentiate between HTML and WML clients? - WAP
10.What is the process of configuring the web server using MIME types to serve WML? - WAP
11.What is the process to integrate ODBC database with WML? - WAP
12.Write a program to pass variable to server-side scripts? - WAP
13.What are the events loaded by choosing an action by the user? - WAP
14.What is the method to obtain user input in WML page? - WAP
15.What are the ways through which it can be prevent the WML deck from being read from the cache? - WAP
16.What are the headers required in URL? - WAP
17.What are the ways in which an application can notify the user regarding specific events? - WAP
18.What is the way to initiate a voice call from a WAP/WML application?
19.What is the procedure to create graphics using WML pages? - WAP
20.What are the technical specifications required by WAP?

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