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Online verbal reasoning test

Verbal Reasoning (13 questions)

Verbal Reasoning (10 questions)

Verbal Reasoning (15 questions)

Verbal Reasoning (18 questions)

Sample verbal reasoning test

Choose from among the given alternatives the one which will be a suitable to fill in the blank in most of the sentences.

A. Professional studies have become the ___________ of the rich.
B. Every citizen has the ___________ to speak, travel and live as he pleases.
C. He has a definite _____________ over all his rivals.
D. Sheron no longer has the ____________ of the company’s bungalow and car.


Choose the most appropriate word to fill in the blank.

Our presidents and their advisors, from Kennedy to Nixon and Ford, ____________, invented and outright lied for years about the course and casualties of the war.


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