20 rational functional tester interview questions and answers


Rational functional tester interview questions and answers

1. What is the use of Rational Functional Tester? Explain.
2.What are the steps to perform automation process using RFT?
3.For how many development platforms & Languages, Functional Tester is available?
4.How to identify various objects by Rational Functional Tester?
5.What is the purpose of a test object map in Rational Functional Tester?
6.What are the differences between Rational Functional Tester and Rational Robot?
7.What are the verification methods? - RFT
8.What is IBM Rational Functional Tester Proxy SDK?
9.How to integrate Clear Case into Rational Functional Tester for version control? - RFT
10.How to implement customized Super Helper? - RFT
11.What are methods to test the applications on Linux using RFT?
12.Explain about Test Managers in RFT.
13.What are the benefits of associating Functional Tester project with Rational Project?
14.How data driven testing is useful in RFT?
15.Explain about Private vs. Shared Object Mapping in RFT.
16.What are the possible Object Recognition Failures and how to fix them? - RFT
17.What are the event handlers which are invoked automatically by Rational TestScript class? - RFT
18.How to connect to database using Rational Robot? Differentiate between GUI Scripts and VU scripts. - RFT
19.What is a datapool? Explain about its contents and creation process. - RFT
20.What are the steps to test HTML element properties in Rational Robot? - RFT

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