Business Process Outsourcing is one the most booming industries in India. When a company “contracts” another company of some roles and responsibilities of a certain business function, it is termed as outsourcing. The responsibilities can either be back office like HR and Finance or front office like customer relations.

India has numerous BPO’s. Most countries prefer to outsource in India because of cheap labor.

Advantages of BPO’s
  • Have increased tremendous job opportunities.
  • Youngsters, house wives are the most common of the lot. College going students get more than their pocket money.
  • Obviously, gets revenue to the country.
Disadvantages of BPO’s
  • Most BPO’s have processes outsourced from countries like US and UK. The difference in time zones is a major hurdle.
  • This difference leaves the employees with no choice but to work in the night.
  • Introduces health disorders.
  • Domestic issues are introduced especially if one partner works in the day.
  • Since the employees work in the night, it becomes unsafe for women. Most of the rape cases read in recent past were employees of BPO are where the women are alone in the CAB.

BPO’s in India are definitely booming and introducing more and more job opportunities. It helps people to become independent at a very young age.
The major concern of BPO’s in India is the risk. Risk is both to the owner who has invested the money and the employees who have no job security.
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Group Discussion- BPOs in INDIA
BPOs in India are on the verge of growing more and more day by day. It is one of the favored industry in India. As, india is a home to many siklled and hard working people many MNCs are shifting the base to India. India has the knowledge and the strength to deliever the outsourcing business very well. People in India are more efficient to work in lower wages in comparison to other countries. The working hours in India is flexible which allow people to work more efficiently and give more output.
Hemant Sharma 01-10-2012
Group Discussion- BPO's in India
BPO's in India have become a boon for most of the unemployed people as they generate employment for these people. By generating employment they tend to meet the demand of the growing population, while contributing a great amount to the national income of the country. It has become a very popular job option amongst the young generation. BPO's have numerous advantage and they can be a very big asset to India's growing population if handled wisely.
Hemant Sharma 01-8-2012