Capital punishment should be banned


Capital punishment should be banned

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-Rajmeet Ghai

Capital punishment is killing the person legally for capital crimes.


  • The biggest flaw of capital punishment is motivation! Criminals and terrorists get more rebellious.
  • Such punishments may not stop crimes from happening because no one is born criminal.
  • We as humans should have no rights to kill someone this way.
  • Capital punishment has been there for ages in many countries. Yet the rate of crime is seemingly increasing.
  • Capital punishment cannot avoid crimes. People need to be educated and explained the consequences rather than killing them.
  • It can be extremely devastating for the families. It may lead to even worst situations.


  • Capital crimes should not be banned as it created a sense of fear amongst people.
  • Criminals and terrorists if caught and subjected to capital punishment, other may hesitate to commit such an offence again.
  • There are so many criminals who escape from the jails and commit even worst crimes. Capital punishment can avoid this.
  • Most of the criminals who commit this are resistant to small punishments.

An offence certainly cannot be forgiven. We as humans can decide what an offence is or not. But we have no rights to kill anyone even though it may be legal. Terrorism can be sorted with peace.  

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Group Discussion- Capital punishment should be banned

Capital punishment should not be banned. The people who get capital punishment are people who get engaged in heinous crime such as rape and murder and by doing so these people lose their right to life that any international law, domestic legislation and constitution bestows upon them. Criminal recidivism rates are at an all-time high and the criminal reforms clearly does not make a difference to them and it does not stop them to commit crimes like rapes and murders. Capital punishment is a last resort for these criminals who have no fear whatsoever.

Hemant Sharma 01-7-2012 11:29 AM



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