English should be made the Official Language


English should be made the Official Language

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-Rajmeet Ghai

The first question that may arise in anyone’s mind whose mother tongue is not English – Why should it be the official language? The most certain reason would be its acceptance and use. English is the most common language used throughout the world. The other more convincing points could be:-


  • The WWW has 80% of it’s content in English.
  • Almost all countries in this world are aware of the language.
  • English is being followed for years. It is used as the most common medium of communication.
  • In this era of globalization, we need to follow what most of the world does. English, being the most common and widely used language is one of them.
  • Competition is what drives the world and economy. In order to survive and be defensive, English is a must.
  • Money drives the economy, to grow as an individual English is a must.


  • Due to severe competition, youngsters tend to concentrate more on English and forget their national language.
  • It is indeed shameful to not be aware of your own mother tongue fluently and know English well.
  • All of us aware of freedom of speech and hence making any language official defy this.
  • Having multiple languages helps to maintain diversity, respect and know about different communities.
  • People can’t be forced to do anything today. At home, they will anyways speak the language they are most comfortable.

There can be innumerable reasons for making English as the official language. What’s more? – This is being in communicated in English as well! Last but not the least, even though English may be declared as the official language, the essence of the mother tongue should never be forgotten. 

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english as the official language

With the expanding globalisation and developments taking place,english has become a vitable source for knowing and exploring things.no doubt it is the most valuable language in the world nowadays but one must not forget their roots and one should be able to understand and speak their mother tongue as well as english.

sheen kaul 07-23-2013 01:50 PM

Group Discussion- English should be made as official language

English is a universal language but this reason is not enough for it to be made an official language. It is known to minorities(people living in urban areas) in India but to majority(people in rural area) it still is an alien language. We should protect our language as it is essential to flourish our own culture. Hindi and English can both co-exist together so there is no need to make either one of them the official language.

Hemant Sharma 01-7-2012 03:58 AM

Group Discussion - English

There is no harm in learning and using any language for business purpose - doesn't matter if it is English but we should not forget the respect our mother tongue deserves.

- Radhe

Radheshyam 11-8-2011 05:43 AM



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