Multinational corporations: Are they devils in disguise?


Multinational corporations: Are they devils in disguise?

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-Rajmeet Ghai

Multinational companies cannot be a devil in disguise. They bring in revenue; provide job opportunities to thousands of people. It helps the country to get a global recognition. They undoubtedly work majorly to get profits.

  • However it should not be forgotten that they bring quality to the services and raise the economy.
  • Most of the multinationals provides seamless services to employees like transport, accommodations, food, insurance, crèche etc.
  • The companies give high salaries to employees that keep them motivated. Few multinationals also provide future studies opportunities thereby assisting employees in their career.
  • They give onsite opportunities to people which helps them interacting with more people.
  • For some people, all that glitters is not gold! Few people think that they are devils in disguise because of the pressure and the work they expect from their employees.
  • This pressure leads to domestic issues, violence etc. no doubt they give high salary packages, but even take double the work from the employees.

Most of the multinational companies have clients from US and UK. Because of this the employees needs to manage two time zones. This indeed leads to health disorders.

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MNCs-Are they devils in disguise?

Well I must say that they are not devils in disguise from my perspective. If a country want to get developed it requires FDI and for that we want MNC to enter our country. I know there are lot of criticisms regarding such but it has more of advantages than disadvantages.
° MNCs bring advanced technologies alongwith themselves which we Indians never ever think in our life.
° It generates lot of employment opportunities and it lead to fall in unemployment rate of our country.
° It generates huge amount of revenue which we can use it in expanding our business in other countries in which we are superior to others.
°MNCs provide same product at cheap price as compared to our market and even of good quality.

Vikas Pasricha 01-22-2014 01:43 PM

Group Discussion- Multinational Corporations: Are they Devils in Disguise?

MNC also called as Multinational corporation are not purely devil but they are surely not good for the country. As, more and more corporations are coming it looks like they are heading to rule any country they are in. They use us and get profits from our resources. They use our mind and talent to develop themselves and sustain in the corporate world. MNCs provide job to the people to promote their own product to the country they are in. MNCs are the root of all the cause of distress and unstability in the country, because of them rich are getting more richer and poor are getting more poor.

Hemant Sharma 01-9-2012 11:40 PM

Group Discussion- MNC's: Are they devils in disguise?

Yes. They are so enormous in size that small producers and small businessman are suppressed beneath its size and they take away the job opportunities and India in the global market becomes mere a provider of the man workforce. They also have an influence on state policies, they arm with states making rules and regulation that suit them. MNC’s are the biggest propagators of neo-colonization.

Hemant Sharma 01-8-2012 07:17 AM



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