The pros and cons of having a credit card


The pros and cons of having a credit card

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-Rajmeet Ghai


  • Credit card at times can be the most convenient way to do a lot of things.
  • Credit card can be most useful when one is cashless!
  • Credit card if lost can be easily blocked.
  • It helps in easy cashless shopping. People can buy many things which they can’t afford in cash.
  • Credit card allows people to make online payments and shopping.
  • Credit card is the best for people who travel frequently and can’t carry much cash. They are accepted world wide.
  • No hassle of exchanging currency notes.


  • After all it’s “Credit”!
  • Many a times people in excitement tend to misuse the card. This leads to huge credit card bills.
  • The finance charges and late fee charges of credit card is high.
  • If misused, they can spoil credit history of an individual.
  • For youngsters especially, credit card is the last thing to posses.
  • They can be a little dangerous to use online unless there is SSL (secured layer).

If credit card can make ones life easier, it can be a disaster as well. As long as people have control over it, credit cards can be the best and convenient things to possess.

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about credit card

It is good that ,by using credit card we can buy the things with out money both in shops and in online, but if we misuse this we are only the losers , and one main thing we have to remember that we should not do exited sh while we are using credit card

uday 02-8-2013 12:44 AM

Group Discussion- The pros and cons of having a credit card

Credit cards facility has made life very easy. Now we don’t have to keep cash for any kind of purchasing. This is the safe mode of payment as there is no fear of losing or stealing of money. Credit card can be used anywhere anytime. If someone wants to purchase something on-line then he can use his credit card facility. Credit card allow you to pay everything without having a single penny in your pocket. It also allows you to take loans and discounts can be taken just by using the credit card. It is much more secure, as if someone gets hold on it then it can be easily blocked or it can be canceled.

Hemant Sharma 01-8-2012 03:28 PM



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