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1)   Where did PM Narendra Modi on 19th Dec 2016 unveiled the first Indian Institute of Skills?
- Published on 20 Dec 16

a. Jaunpur
b. Kanpur
c. Dispur
d. Jaipur
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ANSWER: Kanpur

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 19th Dec 2016 unveiled the first Indian Institute of Skills in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The PM also launched the exhibition Kaushal Pradarshini to showcase major skill development initiatives of the Union Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship/MSDE.

The Kanpur institute is the country’s first ever Indian institute of skills.

Primary objective of the institute is empowering the youth to be employable and self sustainable.

Institute was conceived when PM Modi visited Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education.

The institute is inspired by the Singapore model of training and will incorporate the best practices from this nation.

The plan is to set up six such institutes in India in the coming years.

Skill Initiatives by GoI

  • Kaushal Pradarshini: Skill exhibition for UP Youth
  • Exhibition showcases state-of-the-art vocational training practice.
  • Union Budget identifies Education, Skill Development and Employment as one of the 9 pillars to transform Indian economy.
  • Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana for imparting skills training to youths at INR 1500 crore was launched in March 2015.
  • National Mission for Skill Development was launched in July 2015 for training at least 300 million skilled people by 2022.

2)   As per the decision of which body, a college principal can get one more term after a 5 year tenure?
- Published on 08 Dec 16

b. Ministry of Education
c. UGC
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The University Grants Commission (UGC) in one of the important decisions has said that a college principal can get one more term after completion of his/her five-year tenure.

This was following the constitution of the external peer review committee. The framework of the external peer review shall be specified by the UGC.

UGC regulations on (Minimum qualifications for appointment of teachers and other academic staff in universities and colleges and measures for the maintenance of standards in higher education) Regulations, 2010 dated June 30, 2010, were notified on September 18, 2010. It said that clauses 5.6.1 (d) of these regulations have been amended.


  • Stands for University Grants Commission.
  • Secretary: Jaspal Sandhu
  • Location: UDSC, Benito Juarez Road, Delhi.
  • Formed: 1956
  • Statutory body set up by GOI.

3)   India’s first Confucius classroom will come up in 2017 at which city?
- Published on 28 Nov 16

a. Kolkata
b. Chennai
c. Mumbai
d. Delhi
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ANSWER: Kolkata

With increased demand for learning Chinese language and culture, India’s first Confucius classroom is coming into shape in Kolkata in 2017.

Approved by the Chinese government, this will be the first Confucius classroom in India.

Chinese consulate is also organising an education exhibition in the city in which 30 leading Chinese universities are participating

Well known among them is the Tsinghua University ranked among the top 10 globally.

4)   Which IIT has been ranked as the top institution in the country by QS Employability?
- Published on 28 Nov 16

a. Madras
b. Bombay
c. Kharagpur
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur has been ranked as the top institution in the nation by QS Employability Ranking.

IIT-Bombay also figured in the top 100 universities list in the world.

IIT Kharagpur has been ranked within a range of 71-80, the highest position out of 200 universities from across the globe.

IIT-Kharagpur awards degrees to 2500 students each year, maintaining a successful track record of placements for students from batches enrolling for campus placement.

IIT Bombay ranked next to IIT Kharagpur is the only institution from India along with this to be ranked in the top 100.

Other Indian institutions among the top 200 were IIT Madras, IIT Delhi and University of Delhi according to QS Employability Ranking survey.

Other top universities in the ranking included:

  • University of Liverpool
  • Georgetown University
  • Lancaster University
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • University of Illinois Chicago

5)   President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee launched which policy on Nov 16, 2016?
- Published on 21 Nov 16

a. National Student Startup Policy
b. National Student Standup Policy
c. National Scholar Startup Policy
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: National Student Startup Policy

President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee launched the National Student Startup Policy on Nov 16, 2016

  • The policy formulated by AICTE aims to create 100,000 technology based student startups and millions of employment opportunities within the next decade
  • The policy plans on attaining this through development of an ideal entrepreneurial ecosystem and promotion of inter-institutional partnerships among technical institutions
  • The emphasis is on an appropriate startup policy to propel the young of India through the 21st century
  • Job creation figures of 1.35 lakh in 2015, the lowest in 7 years is sought to be combated with this policy
  • The student startup policy of AICTE will also help students turned innovators and entrepreneurs to successfully harness the market.

6)   DRDO signed an MoU with which IIT for an advanced technology centre?
- Published on 07 Nov 16

a. Kanpur
b. Kharagpur
c. Madras
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: None of the above

Defence Research & Development Organisation has signed an MoU with IIT-Delhi for establishing a JATC or Joint Advanced Technology Centre w.e.f 4th Nov 2016.

  • JATC will be located at the IIT-Delhi campus at the upcoming Science and Technology Park.
  • The JATC will enable Directed, Basic and Applied Research and will engage with premier research institutes through multi-institutional collaboration.
  • According to the MoU, DRDO will support JATC in equipping it with advanced and unique research facilities to transform the institution into a CoE.
  • DRDO scientists and engineers will work with the academic research facility and scholars for scientific problems to find an innovative solution.

7)   Which state will now have an IIM as per a Union Cabinet decision on 13th Oct 2016?
- Published on 17 Oct 16

a. Shillong
b. Ranchi
c. Raipur
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: None of the above

The Union Cabinet on 13th Oct 2016 have approval for the setting up of an Indian Institute of Management in J&K. The institute will operate from a temporary campus at Old Government College of Engineering and Technology from 2016-2017

  • The project will cost INR 62 crore for 4 years from 2016–2020
  • Student strength intake for 2016 in the PGDP in Management is 54 which is set to shoot up to 120 in the 4th year
  • Steps are being taken for setting up the campus at Jammu and the out-campus in the Kashmir region
  • Union Cabinet has also approved the formation of an IIM Jammu Society under the Society Registration Act 1860
  • IIM Jammu will be run and managed by a Society with a board of governors constituted by GoI which will administer the Institute and manage its establishment and operationalisation
  • This decision is part of the development package of the PM for J&K– the institute is alongside the establishment of an IIT in Jammu, modernisation of NIT Srinagar and opening of 2 AIIMS institutions- one each in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Indian Institute of Management is the country’s premier institution imparting quality education in the field of management
  • Currently there are 19 IIMs.

8)   Name the search engine designed exclusively for the student community with information related to education?
- Published on 28 Sep 16

a. Eduoogle
b. Schoogle
c. Snoogle
d. Skoogle
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ANSWER: Schoogle

Students from KR Montford School in Perambur designed an online search engine and app to create awareness on internet usage and online distractions.

  • The 15 member class XI students designed a search engine called Schoogle- Google for School
  • This is an exclusive engine for the student community with information pertaining only to education
  • Students have also come out with games designed on educational concept with the idea that students that can log on with their school ID and dabble in science and maths.
  • The project coordinator will be presenting the idea to Google
  • Another app Poppeagle expected to of life on 28th Sept 2016 has been designed for alerting students and parents on internet usage by users
  • Internet being a big distraction for students, online monitoring tools such as these are beneficial.

9)   Bar Council of India restored the age limit for legal education to what age?
- Published on 23 Sep 16

a. 25
b. 26
c. 29
d. 30
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Bar Council of India has restored the limit for legal education in 3 and 5 year programmes following an order by the Madras HC.

  • The council's letter mentions that they will have to comply with clause 28 of the Legal Education Rules 2008, which restricts the maximum age for seeking admission in the five-year integrated programme to 20 years and for the three-year one at 30.
  • The council has, however, failed to consider earlier orders of the Bombay and Punjab & Haryana HC that had struck down the age limit provision as being unconstitutional say legal experts
  • Many students admitted in the three-year programme now do not meet the age criteria
  • Earlier BCI had left the decision on the age criteria on the state.
  • The state did not implement the criteria as they had not mentioned it in their admission rules for the common entrance test, said an official.
  • BCI has not relaxed the age norms, paving the way for hurdles for older students pursuing law.

10)   According to Census 2011 data, as many as 78 lakh children are forced to earn a livelihood each day as they tend to school as well. How many children do not attend school at all?
- Published on 23 Sep 16

a. 8.3 crore
b. 8.4 crore
c. 8.5 crore
d. 8.6 crore
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ANSWER: 8.4 crore

Census 2011 data has revealed two alarming facts: as many as 78 lakh Indian children are forced to earn a livelihood even as they attend schools while 8.4 crore children don't go to school at all.

  • Although the share of working students is low, compared to the whole student population, the numbers are sufficiently big to show how much importance is placed on education by families and the children themselves.
  • They also point to the increasing cost of education, which should ideally be free for the age group of 5 to 17 years.
  • Among students who work, 57 per cent are boys, the remaining 43 per cent are girls.
  • Of working students, some of them as young as six years old, 68 per cent are into marginal work.
  • The other shocking dimension is that 8.4 crore children don't go to school at all -that's nearly 20 per cent of the age group covered under the Right to Education Act.
  • Boys and girls make up nearly the same proportion of the out-of-school segment. But, contrary to popular perception that children don't go to school because they are forced to work, the Census data shows that just 19 per cent of them are working somewhere.

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