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1)   ABU International Dance Festival was held for the first time in which Indian city?
- Published on 16 Jan 17

a. Delhi
b. Mumbai
c. Kolkata
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: None of the above

First edition of Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) International Television Dance Festival was held in Hyderabad.

The capital of Telangana, Hyderabad hosted the event sponsored by the Prasar Bharati, India’s public service broadcaster.

It highlighted the traditional and contemporary dance performances by artistes from over 10 counties across the Asia-Pacific region.

Participating countries

The countries that participated in the event include:

  • Maldives,
  • Afghanistan,
  • Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan,
  • Philippines,
  • Vietnam,
  • Cambodia,
  • Fiji and
  • Indonesia.
ABU: Know More
  • The ABU was established in 1964.
  • It is a non-profit, non-government, professional association.
  • It aims to assist the development of broadcasting in the region.
  • It currently has over 280 members in 57 countries and regions.
  • It is reaching a potential audience of about 3 billion people.
  • It is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2)   Which date is World Hindi day celebrated on?
- Published on 11 Jan 17

a. Jan 9
b. Jan 11
c. Jan 10
d. Jan 8
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ANSWER: Jan 10

World Hindi Day was celebrated on 10th Jan 2017. Union Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has conducted special events to spread the greatness of the language through its missions abroad.

Hindi is the first language of around 430 million people around the world.

Apart from India, the language is also spoken in Nepal, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Fiji and Mauritius.

Every year, the World Hindi Day is celebrated on January 10, marking the anniversary of the first World Hindi Conference held in 1975.

The first World Hindi Conference was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Since 1975, the World Hindi Conference has been organised in different countries like India, Mauritius, United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, US.

The World Hindi Day was first observed on 10 January 2006

Facts on Hindi

  • Hindi has originated from the Persian word Hind, which means the land of Indus river.
  • The gender aspects of Hindi are very strict. All nouns in Hindi possess genders and the adjectives and verbs change according to gender.
  • It is written in Devanagari script.
  • Hindi is a descendent of Sanskrit. Its words and grammar follows that of the ancient language
  • Hindi belongs to the Indo-Iranian sub-family of the Indo-European family of language
  • It has been influenced and enriched by Turkish, Arabic, Persian, English and Dravidian (ancient South India) languages
  • The earliest form of Hindi was called 'Apabhramsa', which was an offspring of Sanskrit.
  • In 400 AD, poet Kalidas wrote Vikramorvashiyam in Apabhramsa.
  • The first book believed to be published in Hindi was Prem Sagar.
  • Hindi is one of the seven Indian languages that can be used to make web URLs.

3)   International Kite Festival was held in which city?
- Published on 10 Jan 17

a. Kota
b. Palanpur
c. Rajkot
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: None of the above

The International Kite festival started in Ahmedabad at Sabarmati River Front in Ahmedabad.

It was launched by Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani. Close to 51 kite fliers from 8 different states took part in the event.

More than 100 kite fliers from 31 countries are participating in the event including Israel, italy, Germany, Canada, UK and the US.

The theme was “Tourist Destinations of Gujarat.” The festival involved kite workshops, craft stalls to display local art and food stalls with local delicacies.

International kite fliers will also visit Vadodara, Palanpur, Rajkot, Pavagadh, Valasad and Gandhidham in Gujarat as part of the festival.

4)   Which edition of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas was celebrated in 2017?
- Published on 09 Jan 17

a. 17
b. 16
c. 14
d. 13
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Billed as the largest convergence of Indian diaspora, 14th edition of this fest began in the country’s IT hub today with the spotlight on the role of youth in transforming the society and India’s potential to play the role of a ‘Vishwa Guru’ again.

The ‘Youth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas’ was inaugurated as part of the PBD 2017 with an aim to connect with the youth, the new generation of Pravasis growing up all over the world.

An initiative to engage with young diaspora that provides forum to discuss issues that concern them was attended by political leaders. 2015 Youth PBD was about 3Cs - connect, celebrate and contribute, he said it will be 4Ts this year - Talent, Technology, Training and Teamwork,” he said.

About 300-400 overseas Indian youth are participating in the Youth PBD, including nearly 150 PIOs who are visiting India for the Know India programme.

The Youth PBD in 2017 includes plenary sessions on problems faced by Indian students abroad, problems faced by NRI students in India, and startups and innovation which have a social impact in India.

The Youth PBD 2017, with focus on ‘Redefining engagement with the Indian Diaspora’, is being attended by delegates from 72 countries and registration has crossed 7,200 as of yesterday, officials said.

The convention, being held biennially for the first time instead of earlier annual versions, will aim at redefining India’s engagement with its 3.12 crore strong diaspora in diverse spheres, including innovation, start-ups, tourism and education.

5)   Island Tourism Festival is being held at which city?
- Published on 09 Jan 17

a. Port Blair
b. Colombo
c. Diu
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Port Blair

Island Tourism Festival is an annual cultural event organized for the promotion of tourism and entertainment for islanders.

The main event is being held in Port Blair. A part of festival are also organized in other places like Wimberlygunj, Wandoor, Neil, Havelock, Rangat, Mayabunder, Diglipur, Hut Bay, Car Nicobar, Kamorta, Campbell Bay etc.

The ten-day festival is held annually from 5th January at ITF ground Port Blair.

The highlight of the festival at ITF ground is the exhibition depicting strides made by the Island Administration in various spheres and sale of general merchandise, food stalls, and stalls of interest to tourists, Floating Restaurant etc.

The main focal point, however, is the performance of mainland artists especially reputed music bands, Bollywood singers, dancers, performers etc.

Inaugurated by Lt. Governor Jagdish Mukhi at ITF Ground on 5th Jan, the 10 day mega event will see performances by the cultural troupes from mainland India to help the Islanders renew their cultural ties with mainland.

The cultural troupes from mainland as well as the Isles will also perform in outer Islands apart from South Andaman.

An International Cultural Group from Kazakhstan will also perform in this event. The other attractions of this event will be the food courts, fun games and handicrafts etc. Water sports competitions like Nicobari Hodi race are organized.

6)   When is World Braille Day celebrated?
- Published on 06 Jan 17

a. 4th January
b. 3rd January
c. 2nd January
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: 4th January

World Braille day was celebrated on Jan 4th 2017. It is celebrated every year on this day across the world to commemorate the birth of French inventor Louis Braille.

Braille invented the Braille language which helps blind people to read as well as write.At the age of 3, he accidentally became blind. However, he had a great yearning to be able to read and write properly, despite his disability.

He developed the Braille language at the age of 15. Louis's work was not only confined to alphabets. He was passionate about music too, and thus, in the latter part of his life, he even developed Braille language for music.

He published his system in 1829.

He was offered a professorship in 1833, teaching history, geometry and algebra, as well as his own system of Braille. He published books explaining how to use his code, which included dots and dashes for demonstration.

The system of Braille was adopted in schools in 1856.

On World Braille Day, awareness is also raised about the new technologies coming in the field of Braille language on this day.

The World Braille Day in 2009 marked the 200th birthday anniversary of Louis Braille.

Braille and Visual Impairment: Know More

  • Around 285 million people are estimated to be visually impaired worldwide.
  • According to National Braille Week, around 150 million people use Braille.
  • This is a code system of raised dots – as a form of literacy, as it allows users to spell, use punctuation and format text on a page.
  • Louis Braille, was born on 4 January 1809 in the town of Coupvray in northern France.
  • By the time he was five, he was blind in both eyes, but the tragic accident lead to the birth of braille.
  • Braille at the age of 15, had formed six dots which could be used in 63 ways to form a code with the fingertips.
  • His code was easily adapted to fit languages other than French, allowing the blind and visually impaired to read more easily.

7)   Indian state Telangana's first international kite festival was held in?
- Published on 02 Jan 17

a. 2015
b. 2014
c. 2013
d. 2016
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 2016

KITE 2017, Telangana’s second international kite festival on 14–15 January 2017 at the Academy campus.

KITE 2017 aims to promote women’s empowerment, particularly girl child education, and to raise awareness and support for merit-based opportunities to access world class education through collaboration with NGO’s, and corporates and government agencies.

KITE 2017 will also feature an arts and crafts mela.

KITE 2017, Telangana International Kite Festival (TIKF,) is a family fun festival celebrating Sankranthi through the rich regional tapestry of kites, culture and crafts of Hyderabad and the Deccan.

KITE 2017 features an inclusive pre-festival dedicated Schools Program on Friday 13th, followed by 2 days of family fun and kite flying. Surrounded by Telangana

More About KITE 2017

  • Held from 12th – 17th January 2017
  • Children, students, youth, parents, families, international & national kite flyers will participate.
  • KITE 2017 aims to enhance the tourism profile of the rich heritage of Hyderabad as a ‘hidden jewel’ of India.
  • Badminton Star PV Sindhu, the festival ambassador, launched Designer Kites on this occasion. Minister said the Kite Festival will be organized in a way to reflect the culture and tradition of Telangana, which will be held from 12th to 17th January.
  • This year the kite festival will be held in Warangal and Yadadri apart from Hyderabad.

8)   When was Good Governance Day established?
- Published on 26 Dec 16

a. 25th December 2014
b. 25th December 2015
c. 25th December 2011
d. 25th December 2012
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 25th December 2014

Good Governance Day is being observed across India on 25th Dec 2016.

The day is observed to mark the birth anniversary of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee who has turned 92.

For marking the occasion, a Good Governance campaign will be undertaken for 100 days.

During this campaign, the ministers and members of Parliament will travel across India and attend programs that highlight key government initiatives.

Six major initiatives will also be launched by the Ministry of Personnel, Personal Grievances and Pensions.

Initiatives include:

  • Immovable Property Return through Property Related Information System (PRISM)
  • Recruitment Rules Formation, Amendment Monitoring System (RRFAMS)
  • Announcement of E-Service Book
  • Mandatory online filing of APAR by all All India Services and Central Group A Service Officers
  • Launching of redesigned website of Department of Personnel and Training
Endeavour of the government is to improve delivery systems, to promote digital transformation and take forward the connectivity revolution in all sectors.

Good Governance Day was established in 2014.

The concept of the day encompasses two fundamental elements- transparency and accountability.

9)   What is the theme of the National Consumer Day celebrated on 24th Dec 2016?
- Published on 26 Dec 16

a. Alternate Consumer Disputes Redressal
b. Alternate Consumer Disputes Forum
c. Consumer Dispute Resolution
d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Alternate Consumer Disputes Redressal

Department of Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Consumer Affairs Food and Public Distribution is celebrating the National Consumer Day 2016 with the theme “Alternate Consumer Disputes Redressal” on 24th Dec 2016.

Alternative dispute resolution is being practiced in resolving civil disputes.

The Consumer Protection Bill 2015 also has a chapter related to mediation, one of the ADR mechanisms.

New initiatives of the department on consumer grievance redressal and consumer education, leveraging new age technologies will be launched.

National Consumer Day is observed on Dec 24. On this day, the President assented to the Consumer Protection Act 1986. The day is an opportunity to protect basic rights of consumers.

National Food Security Act, 2013 (NFSA) is now being implemented in all the States/UTs and covers about 80 crore persons for receiving highly subsidised food grains.

Sustained efforts have resulted in significant reforms in TPDS making it more transparent and leak proof with better targeting of food subsidy.

As a result thereof, 100% of ration cards have been digitised while 71.13% have been Aadhaar seeded.

Online allocation of food grains has started in 29 States/UTs,

Supply chain has been computerised in 19 States/UTs and 1,76,834 Fair Price Shops (FPS) have been automated by installing ‘Point of Sale’ devices.

6 States have now automated all their FPSs.

Consumer Protection Bill 2015

  • Replaces the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
  • Bill enforces consumer rights and provides a mechanism for complaint redressal regarding defects in goods and services.
  • Consumer Dispute Redressal Commissions will be set up at national, state and district levels for adjudicating consumer complaints.
  • Bill has also established a Consumer Protection Authority to investigate consumer complaints, issue notices for goods and services and pass orders for recall of goods and against misleading ads.
  • If a consumer suffers product defects, he must file a claim of product liability against the manufacturer.
  • Bill classifies 6 contract terms as unfair including payment of excessive security deposits, disproportionate penalty for a breach and unilateral termination without cause.

10)   National mathematics day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of which famous mathematician?
- Published on 23 Dec 16

a. Srinivasa Ramanuja
b. John Nash
c. Bhaskara
d. Varahamihira
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Srinivasa Ramanuja

National Mathematics Day was observed on 22 December 2016 across India.

The day marks the birth anniversary of Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 26 February 2012 declared this day.

The announcement was made at Madras University on the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of Ramanujan.

The year 2012 was also observed as the National Mathematical Year.

Recognitions and honours conferred on Srinivasa Ramanujan include:

  • His birthday is celebrated as 'State IT Day' in Tamil Nadu
  • In 1962 ( which is his 75th birth anniversary), GoI released a stamp picturing the great Indian Mathematician Ramanujan.
  • Later, a new design of the stamp was released on 26 December 2011 by the India post.
  • Annual prize, named SASTRA Ramanujam Prize, is given by SASTRA University of Tamil Nadu.
  • In 2016, the awards were conferred on Maksym Radziwill of McGill University, Canada and Kaisa Matomaki of University of Turku, Finland.

  • Know More About Srinivasa Ramanujan

  • Born: 23 December 1887 in TN.
  • He was an autodidact (self-taught person) who lived during the British Raj.
  • He postulated number theory, mathematical analysis, infinite series, and making formulas and equations.
  • Discoveries include Ramanujam Prime and Ramanujam theta.
  • Compiled some 3900 mathematical results and equations.
  • He along with Godfrey Harold Hardy, a British Mathematician, discovered the smallest number represented as sum of two cubes 1729. This number is known as Hardy–Ramanujan number 1729.

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