Are there Usability Issues with AJAX?

Are there Usability Issues with AJAX?

Usability Issues:

a. User Exceptions
b. Response time
c. Design Issues
d. Accessibility

Are there Usability Issues with AJAX?

The nature of updating a page dynamically using data retrieved via AJAX interactions and DHTML may result in drastically changing the appearance and state of a page.

Since the pages get updated dynamically, the state of a page may not remain the same.

So the behavior of a page may need to be defined in each of the following user actions:

- Navigation using the back or forward buttons of the browser
- Book-marking a page
- Sharing a URL
- Printing a page at any given time

The output of the user actions like a page refresh, forward or back navigation, etc need to be defined.
In this case using a JavaScript framework such as Dojo that provides API's history manipulation and navigation control would be simpler.

Book-marking and URL sharing:
Dojo provides client-side interface for book-marking and URL manipulation.

Issues could arise while printing dynamically rendered pages.
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