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? answer (73) Why should we hire you Posted by: Max John
? Question regarding bank PO interview (70) Sir/madam, I am an MBA with HR and finance as my specialisations..I did my MBA 2 years back..What questions may be asked from MBA finance field in bank PO interview?? Plz guide me..I shall b very thankful.. Posted by: komal saxena
? Question (117) What is the unforgettable moment in your life Posted by: Vanukuri Sahaja
? Why do you feel yourself to be a good candidate for this job? (2) How would you rate yourself on a scale of 10? Why do you feel that you are a good candidate for this job? Because I am in badly need of a job, but that honestly didn’t get me selected. What should be my reply? Posted by: Guest
? What is your Dream job? (44) I have often been asked my dream job. I am at a situation, totally exhausted and in extreme requirement of a job. Can’t even dream of anything fascinating. Please help me with an appropriate response. Posted by: Guest
? Interview Questions on feelings about people from minority group (2) How to frame the response that how I feel working with the minority group? I feel everyone to be equal. Posted by: Guest
? Most difficult thing being a manager (44) What are the difficult things that can be enumerated being a manager or an executive? Posted by: Guest
? Question on goals and targets in interview (71) The interviewer enquired me for my recent goals that I have set. What should I talk about? Posted by: Guest
? What held you back in your previous organization? (2) I had been asked whether I had thought of changing job before this and what held me back from a job switch over? Posted by: Guest
? Time required to move from the current company (71) I need to give 2 months notice to the current company which can be done by 2 months salary, but I would require a week’s time to submit and transfer my work. What would be the appropriate way to seek a week’s time to join the new organization? Posted by: Guest
? Evaluating a candidate as a hiring manager (44) When interviewer gives me the situation as a hiring manager and asks me how would I evaluate a candidate, how should I approach this question? Posted by: Guest
? Too experienced for the profile (37) How to react when the interviewer asks my opinion calling me too experienced for the given profile? Posted by: Guest
? Should I hire a candidate who could be beneficial at some role in future? (2) If I find a candidate having talent in some other profile that could benefit the organization in future, should I hire the person now, being the hiring manager? Posted by: Guest
? Which is better - long or short interview? (65) Which interview gives a better scope of getting hired – a longer one or the one wrapped up briefly? Posted by: Guest
? Should I join after the grueling interview (68) When the interviewer exhausts me completely before selecting me during the interview, should I join the organization? The same interviewer being my manager might stress me out in future. Posted by: Guest
? How to respond to leading questions? (67) When interviewer asks leading question like 'You know Open Office, right? etc.'; how should I respond - a yes or no' or shall I be honest in my knowledge? Posted by: Guest
? Importance of first impression in getting hired (71) First impression is the best one. But is it true that I lose the job if I slip while answering my first question? Posted by: Guest
? Strategy to interview a nervous candidate (37) As an interviewer, should I possess any soft corner for a nervous candidate? Posted by: Guest
? As a hiring manager, company briefing during interview (2) While interviewing the candidates, can I provide a brief introduction of the organization and its functioning or it should be expected from the candidates to possess some basic knowledge about the company? Posted by: Guest
? Advantages of joining coaching for SSB Interview (37) I am a science graduate and trying for SSB. I get through the written part every time but unable to clear their interview. Would it be a good option to join any coaching institute specially for SSB Interview? Posted by: Guest
? Personality traits required to get campus placements (2) I have just joined B Tech and want to groom my personality. What are the skills or traits that I need to work on to get selected in campus placement at first go? Posted by: Guest
? Steps taken to improve knowledge (69) How to reply when interviewer seeks our measures to improve our knowledge in the previous year? Posted by: Guest
? Leaving a position / designation (64) When interviewer asks whether I have been asked to leave any designation, what should be my response. I had been promoted, been offered to take up equivalent profile, and also got scope to change my designation in a positive manner. Can I cite these examples or does the interviewer want to know any demotion in my career? Posted by: Guest
? Irritability with co-workers (71) I had been asked what irritates me about my colleagues / co-workers? What should I reply? Posted by: Guest
? Any suggestion made in past profile. (68) Interviewer asked me whether I had given any suggestions in my past career. Actually I had never made any suggestions ever in my career. My honest answer made me lose my last job opportunity. How should I have attempted this question? Posted by: Guest
? Kind of people you refuse to work with? (71) How to respond positively to this question when interviewer wants to know the people you would avoid or refuse to work with? Posted by: Guest
? Inappropriate salary for experience (68) I am having a work experience of 7 years and the interviewer wants an explanation for my lower salary for my experience. How should I justify my stand? There is no specific reason, just that the salary drawn is enough to live a decent lifestyle. Posted by: Guest
? Leaving benefits for new job (67) How to gain the confidence of the interviewer when they seek explanation that why I am so desperate for a new job when I get too many benefits with the older one? I am not getting any challenges in my older profile and losing job satisfaction. How to convey this reason to the interviewer? Posted by: Guest
? Handling the situation of firing people from job (71) The interviewer wanted to know my feelings while firing people and my way of executing the process. Should I give out the number of people I have fired in my career? Should I emphasize that I try to retain the employee or do I need to be more blunt in my decision to fire the employee from job? Posted by: Guest
? Potential to express talent at the earliest (68) An interviewer asked me the time I would take to express my potential for the benefit of the organization. I gave a term of a month or so, however my reply didn’t appeal to the interviewer. What should have been my reply? Posted by: Guest
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