Question regarding bank PO interview

Asked by: komal saxena - 21 Jun 17
Sir/madam, I am an MBA with HR and finance as my specialisations..I did my MBA 2 years back..What questions may be asked from MBA finance field in bank PO interview?? Plz guide me..I shall b very thankful..

Posted by: Nishant Kumar - 22 Jun 17
Bank PO interview requires serious preparation to qualify for the post. A good score here will help secure good rank. If you are good at Banking awareness and current affairs, you have a great chance to score high. Here are few questions that are frequently asked:

Banking awareness questions

What is a Monetary Policy?
What is Fiscal Policy?
What is a Repo rate?
What is Reverse Repo Rate?
What is CRR rate?
What is SLR Rate?
What are Commercial Papers?
What is IPO?
What is Disinvestment?
What is a Demat Account? What is NABARD?
What is SEBI?
What are Non-Performing assets?
What are the basic documents a person requires to open an account?
What are open market operations?
What are various services provided by a commercial bank?
What is IRDA and various functions of IRDA?
Share your views about the GST
What is a NBFC and difference between NBFC and banks?
What is your opinion about “CASA” a term related to banking industry
Tell us something about BSBDA?
What is the meaning of CBS?

Current Affairs questions

Questions on demonetisation.
Why do you think AADHAR card numbers are linked to bank accounts?
What are the the gold schemes launched by govt & their benefits?
Do you know about the latest crop insurance scheme for farmers?

Posted by: komal saxena - 22 Jun 17
Okk..thank you sir..Can finance related questions apart from these be asked??

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