Strategy to interview a nervous candidate

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
As an interviewer, should I possess any soft corner for a nervous candidate?

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
Every candidate should be equal for the interviewer. To cope up with the nervousness during the interview is the individual talent. Interviewer should not consider the nervousness or boldness of the candidate as a criteria to mould the level of questions. To put a candidate at ease is different, but showing a soft corner altogether changes the definition.

The interviewer can make the candidate few seconds to relax and be at ease before starting their interview process. This could help a nervous candidate to face the interview in a better manner. Showing a soft corner means making the questions simpler, that would be a partial behaviour on the part of the interviewer which would be unfair for the other candidates.

Nervousness means a fear within the person to undergo the process in a unfamiliar environment which is superadded with anxiety. But this does not mean that the candidate is low in intellect and incapable of solving a difficult equation. A nervous candidate can very much provide an apt resolution and may be a better resolution than a bold and courageous candidate. Hence it would be better to treat the candidates equally.

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