Should I join after the grueling interview

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
When the interviewer exhausts me completely before selecting me during the interview, should I join the organization? The same interviewer being my manager might stress me out in future.

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
An interview is where the candidate can show up their talent. All they bear just to get selected and land up in the job. The hiring manager is playing his role of assessing the candidates during the interview. They use various tools to get the relevant details out of the candidate. These details which the candidate provides them form the deciding criteria.

On the other hand, getting selected itself explains the capability of the candidate to express their talent. The candidate had lived up to the expectations of the interviewer. The interviewer might not be the same person by personality in his work station. The hiring manager may not be necessarily the operational head of the candidate in future. If at all he leads the candidate, his persona may be quite different in his operational role which is way too different from interviewing.

It would be incorrect to get biased and create such an opinion of the interviewer and make it a obstacle in taking up the new profile. An open mind with fresh thoughts is all required by the candidate while joining the new role.

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