Leaving a position / designation

Asked by: Guest - 25 May 16
When interviewer asks whether I have been asked to leave any designation, what should be my response. I had been promoted, been offered to take up equivalent profile, and also got scope to change my designation in a positive manner. Can I cite these examples or does the interviewer want to know any demotion in my career?

Our expert said - 25 May 16
It is good that the candidate is always made to leave the designation for some better positions. Candidate can start their answer with confidence and let the interviewer know at very first instance that they have never been demoted or never asked to leave in negative aspect ever in the career.

Candidate should then start giving their promotions as the way the last organizations have asked to shift on to better profiles. Or the change in profile which offered some benefits to the candidate in their career. But these details may guide the interviewer to ask what made the candidate leave the past organization which helped in their career growth and the candidate should be prepared for that answer as well.

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