Leaving benefits for new job

Asked by: Guest - 20 May 16
How to gain the confidence of the interviewer when they seek explanation that why I am so desperate for a new job when I get too many benefits with the older one? I am not getting any challenges in my older profile and losing job satisfaction. How to convey this reason to the interviewer?

Our expert said - 20 May 16
It is a very positive sign when the applicant looks for new challenges in the job profile. Those interested in taking new challenging roles are often found to grow well in their career along with the growth of the organization. Applicant should deliver their attitude to accept and win over the new challenges with confidence. Avoid bragging own pride, but be crisp and short in the response.

The reply should be realistic. It is a normal tendency to have some concern for leaving the existing benefits. Though the applicant explain their potential to take up risks and their winning experiences from their past, yet they need to honestly accept their concern for leaving their benefits. They should explain the interviewer that the current profile that they have applied for may have less benefits, but they have enough self-confidence to express their talent and deliver to the benefits of the organization. They should explain their ability to grow with the organization and enjoy the profile with other forms of remuneration for their performance.

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