Handling the situation of firing people from job

Asked by: Guest - 20 May 16
The interviewer wanted to know my feelings while firing people and my way of executing the process. Should I give out the number of people I have fired in my career? Should I emphasize that I try to retain the employee or do I need to be more blunt in my decision to fire the employee from job?

Our expert said - 20 May 16
Firing anyone from a job is a serious issue. It is not a simple farewell to the employee. The candidate who is interviewing for a better proposal can understand that very well. Candidate should accept and feel the seriousness of the issue and their feelings should be delivered to the interviewer. They should not leave an impression that they like to fire people out of job.

Explain the difficulty of making such a critical decision. Candidate should explain that between the organization and the employee causing harm to the company in any manner, as a responsible manager, they need to choose and protect the organization at every instance. Express the decision is always taken as a last resort when it is made sure that the employee is not co-operating and contributing in the betterment of the organization in any manner. The candidate’s words should express the empathy for the fired employee but avoid sympathizing them, as the work should always be done for the organization.

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