Evaluating a candidate as a hiring manager

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
When interviewer gives me the situation as a hiring manager and asks me how would I evaluate a candidate, how should I approach this question?

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
Interviewing and evaluating a candidate in a common scenario when it comes to the managerial role. Again, interviewing requires talent and skill. It is not easy to gather relevant details from the candidates in few minutes. When the interviewer lands to a ‘may be’ scenario for the candidates that means the candidate is not a good fit for the role and should be ideally excluded. The good interview would be ideally a sure ‘yes’ or ‘no’. More the number of ‘may be’ means that interviewer is not skilled enough to extract the relevant information.

Always evaluate the candidate on a set criteria. Every profile demand specific requirements. Make definite criteria and decide some score for every such section. Evaluate the candidates on those criteria. If the candidates are analyzed and evaluated under each other, it often becomes messy. Some candidate might be found too good on one day and be given maximum score, then scoring becomes unbalanced when even better candidates are found on subsequent days of the interview process. It is always better to have well defined criteria for evaluating candidates.

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