Steps taken to improve knowledge

Asked by: Guest - 25 May 16
How to reply when interviewer seeks our measures to improve our knowledge in the previous year?

Our expert said - 25 May 16
Employees are always expected to take a step towards learning and keep contributing their knowledge in the organizational benefits. They can have various options to gather knowledge that could be beneficial for them as well as the company.

To answer this question provide details about the initiatives you have taken from to improve your knowledge like identifying the gaps in your skills and reading relevant books, watching some good videos or taking up some crash course.

Also employees who seek the assistance of their managers or team leads whenever required, they are expected to get successful in a better way. The candidate can give any of the course pursued in relevant field through the previous company’s assistance program. If the candidate never had any such experience, they can always say that they have made it a habit to make their seniors as role model and tried to learn new organizational working skills for better output and have succeeded with such methods so far.

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