Any suggestion made in past profile.

Asked by: Guest - 25 May 16
Interviewer asked me whether I had given any suggestions in my past career. Actually I had never made any suggestions ever in my career. My honest answer made me lose my last job opportunity. How should I have attempted this question?

Our expert said - 25 May 16
Suggestions could be any, it is not necessary for the candidate to be made for a higher level of change. Even a minor alteration in the schedule that is been informed to the management for the benefit of the employees and the organization would be considered as a suggestion. All that the candidate should always remember is that they should ideally project only those suggestions which had some positive change for the company and the management.

Giving no examples may give a notion that the candidate is either dumb enough not to actively participate in the benefit of the organization, or the candidate is not good enough to come up with any good suggestions or move. The innovative potential in the candidate is indirectly under test through this question. Even if the candidate has never come up with any major suggestions, still it would be better if they can co-relate and remember any small incidence of interaction with higher authority or reporting managers which had some sort of suggestions.

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