Importance of first impression in getting hired

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
First impression is the best one. But is it true that I lose the job if I slip while answering my first question?

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
First impression is undoubtedly the best impression transferred. When it comes to the interview, where the candidates get only few minutes to express their charm, they need to make use of every bit. The way a candidate carries themselves, their dressing, personality etc certainly transfers a message to the interviewer. Though the actual interview starts after getting seated, but the impression of the candidate gets conveyed right from the first site of the interviewer. The way any candidate steps into the room, the greetings, their body language, the confidence in the hands shake etc are the various ways the impression if conveyed.

Even if the candidate is unable to perform well in the first question, the basic etiquettes and personality could cover up the things. Also, it is not expected that every candidate is aware of every answer, but the way the answer is attempted or put forth does matter. Again, a good interviewer is the one who looks equally throughout the interview process without getting biased. Only portraying a good personality without answering would not get the candidate selected. The interviewer need knowledge in their employee and that is what they are hunting for. A single question, be that be first or any other would not make the candidate lose the job. The candidate should maintain their confidence and stay calm in their response throughout for a better chance of getting hired.

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