Irritability with co-workers

Asked by: Guest - 25 May 16
I had been asked what irritates me about my colleagues / co-workers? What should I reply?

Our expert said - 25 May 16
Such a question should be handled delicately. Getting irritable is not a positive trait. Interviewers may like to go with a candidate who is a team player and can get adjusted with all sort of personalities. The one who can go along well with many people would go a long way ahead.

Candidate should inform that they have good temper and can get along easily with all sorts of people. The only thing that irritates should be the features that would be harmful to the organization. If the co-workers are dishonest and do not provide a genuine report and outcome should be among the list. But the candidate should make sure that they have tolerance for such people as well and would provide them with sufficient chances before the irritability stage.

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