Why do you feel yourself to be a good candidate for this job?

Asked by: Guest - 19 Aug 16
How would you rate yourself on a scale of 10? Why do you feel that you are a good candidate for this job? Because I am in badly need of a job, but that honestly didn’t get me selected. What should be my reply?

Our expert said - 19 Aug 16
An utmost requirement for the job does not make a candidate be fit for any profile. When the interviewer asks to rate on a scale of 10, they want to know the candidate’s caliber and potential that could match the profile. Here the interviewer looks out for the skills of the candidate along with their strengths. Often this also makes the interviewer understand how far the candidate replies in accordance with their resume. It would be better if candidate is well aware of their resume points and do make sure to list out the key skills and strengths given in resume along with others.

Rating on a scale of 10 would be done on a few parameters that would be the requirement of the profile. The more requirements the candidate meets, the better would be their score. A perfect 10 would portray over-confidence and rating below 50% could convey a feeling of lack of confidence. Honestly works along with smart work and thinking. The urgent need for the job is the candidate’s personal concern. The interviewer has to find the candidate who could prove beneficial for the company. The candidate should match their requirements to prove themselves good and befitting for the given profile.

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