Should I hire a candidate who could be beneficial at some role in future?

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
If I find a candidate having talent in some other profile that could benefit the organization in future, should I hire the person now, being the hiring manager?

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
As a hiring manager, the candidates should be evaluated only for the given profile. It would be unfair for a deserving candidate who could be a better fit for the given profile, if any other person suitable for other role gets hired. Every profile demands a set of skills and criteria should be laid down on the requirement of the given profile. A person suitable for other role would be a misfit in the given profile and would prove to be loss for the organization in the given role.

If any such talented individuals are observed, their details can be noted and should be informed to be contacted later when the vacancy is available on the relevant profile. Those individuals can be called for the interview later as and when the requirement arises. However, it is not advisable to hire an incorrect candidate for the current vacant profile.

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