Too experienced for the profile

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
How to react when the interviewer asks my opinion calling me too experienced for the given profile?

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
The interviewer is there to test the skills of the candidate. It is the presence of mind of the candidate that ideally helps them out of such situations. The profile which requires less experience is usually avoided by more experienced individuals. If at all they apply, they do expect such a question.

When the candidate knows that their qualification or experience is more that what is required for the profile, they should accept that fact. But the candidate should make sure that they have a valid explanation for their application. The experience is never a waste. It would definitely help the organization in some or the other way. The candidate should express their skill and potential and show the ideas they can implement in the growth of the organization.

Many a times the interviewer blocks the candidates with such question as they feel that the experienced candidates would demand better pay scale. If the candidate is ready to compromise on their pay scale, they can humbly accept the offer of the interviewer; else it would be better not to get to the discussion voluntarily under this question.

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