How to respond to leading questions?

Asked by: Guest - 12 Aug 16
When interviewer asks leading question like 'You know Open Office, right? etc.'; how should I respond - a yes or no' or shall I be honest in my knowledge?

Our expert said - 12 Aug 16
When the interviewer asks leading questions, which is very rarely expected from a good interviewer, it means that the content they have quoted is important for the given profile and they take it to be granted that the candidate must be aware of that part to have applied for the given profile. Such leading questions are on majority instances a simple yes as they would be the eligibility criteria being advertised by the company and the candidates for the interview are selected on those criteria.

In case the interviewer goes ahead asking some more leading questions, the candidate need to analyse the importance of that subject being asked for the given profile. If the candidate is completely unaware of the subject, then a honest reply saying 'No' would be relevant. A false reply may affect both the candidate and the organization at later stages and would benefit none. But, if the candidate has good good knowledge though not excel, they can call it a 'yes' they are aware of the subject to carry on with the work on those applications.

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