ASP.Net Server Control vs HTML control

ASP.NET server controls vs. HTML controls

Server events

Server control events are handled in the server whereas HTML control events are handled in the page.

State management

Server controls can maintain data across requests using view state whereas HTML controls have no such mechanism to store data between requests.

Browser detection

Server controls can detect browser automatically and adapt display of control accordingly whereas HTML controls can't detect browser automatically.


Server controls contain properties whereas HTML controls have attributes only.
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Html Controls
The important features of HTML server controls are:

1. Generate own interface
When an ASP.NET page is rendered, the HTML tag is created automatically and sent to the client.

2. Retain their state
The HTTP protocol is stateless. Therefore, the normal web pages do not retain their state. But, HTML server controls automatically retains the state.

3. Trigger Server Side Events
HTML controls can fire the server side events which are executed on the server side. For example, when a button is clicked.
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