What is event bubbling in .NET?

What is event bubbling in .NET?

- The passing of the control from the child to the parent is called as bubbling.

- Controls like DataGrid, Datalist, Repeater, etc can have child controls like Listbox, etc inside them.

- An event generated is passed on to the parent as an ItemCommand.

- The ASP.NET page framework provides a technique called event bubbling that allows a child control to propagate events up its containment hierarchy.

- Event bubbling enables events to be raised from a more convenient location in the controls hierarchy and allows event handlers to be attached to the original control as well as to the control that exposes the bubbled event.

- It is used by the data-bound controls (Repeater, DataList, and DataGrid) to expose command events raised by child controls (within item templates) as top-level events.

- While ASP.NET server controls in the .NET Framework use event bubbling for command events (events whose event data class derives from CommandEventArgs), any event defined on a server control can be bubbled.

- A control can participate in event bubbling through two methods that it inherits from the base class System.Web.UI.Control. These methods are OnBubbleEvent and RaiseBubbleEvent.
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