ASP.NET Session State Modes

What are the Session State Modes? Define each Session State mode supported by ASP.NET.

ASP.NET supports three Session State modes.

- InProc
- State Server
- SQL Server

InProc Mode
- This mode stores the session data in the ASP.NET worker process.
- This is the fastest among all of the storage modes.
- This mode effects performance if the amount of data to be stored is large.
- If ASP.NET worker process recycles or application domain restarts, the session state will be lost.

State Server mode
- In this mode, the session state is serialized and stored in memory in a separate process.
- State Server can be maintained on a different system.
- State Server mode involves overhead since it requires serialization and de-serialization of objects.
- State Server mode is slower than InProc mode as this stores data in an external process.

SQL Server Mode
- In this storage mode, the Session data is serialized and stored in a database table in the SQL Server database.
- This is reliable and secures storage of a session state.
- This mode can be used in the web farms.
- It involves overhead in serialization and de-serialization of the objects.
- SQL Server is more secure than the InProc or the State server mode.
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