How to create AJAX objects.

Describe how to create AJAX objects.

var myObj = new ajaxObject('');

Ajax Objects can be created by the following syntax:

Var ajax= New ajaxObject(‘page path’). Here page path is the URL you want the Object to call. The URL must be of the same domain as the webpage.
Define JSON.
JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a human readable format for data transfer over network.....
Explain in brief abo XMLHttpRequest object.
abo XMLHttpRequest object - XMLHttpRequest is an object used for data transfer with server and client’s browser. This object allows the data transfer without reloading the page.....
Describe the formats and protocols used by AJAX.
Describe the formats and protocols used by AJAX - The protocol used for making a request to the server is XmlHttpRequest. This object is created by client browser.
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