What is Oracle BPEL Process Manager?

What is Oracle BPEL Process Manager?

- It is a member of the Oracle Fusion middleware family of products.

- Oracle BPEL Process Manager is a BPEL engine.

- Orchestration disparate applications and web services are enabled enterprises by Oracle BPEL Process Manager.

- Quick building and deploying this processing ability in a standards-based manner delivers critical functionality for developing SOA.

- Oracle BPEL Process Manager offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use infrastructure for creating, deploying and managing BPEL business processes.

Features of Oracle BPEL Process Manager:

- Scalability and reliability of processes.

- Fault handling and exception management during both design time and run time.

- Compensation mechanisms for the implementation of long-running transactions.

- Installation on multiple operating systems and integration with multiple application servers and databases.

- Management and administration of processes.

- Parallel processing of tasks.
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