What are voice based BPOS? - BPO FAQ

What are voice based BPOS?

Voice based BPOs are those BPOs where you are required to talk to the customers. It may be for sales or support or service or anything else. The focus of business here is “Voice”.

What do you mean by non-voice based BPOs?

Non-voice based BPOs are the BPOs which perform the outsourced work for their clients but do not need to interact with the client’s customers. The focus here is on “utilizing knowledge” rather than the “voice”.

BPOs like those performing procurement services or payroll activities or data entry / data processing jobs etc. fall in this category.

What do you mean by ITES?

ITES means – IT Enabled services.
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...and we thought of only call centres as BPOs. Thank you for the information.
Kasturi 11-7-2011