BizTalk Orchestration

Describe BizTalk Orchestration.

Business analysts and developers can dramatically simplify the integration and automation of business interactions inside and between companies using BizTalk Orchestration.

Complex business processes spread across multiple applications or organizations.
Therefore, they need something to integrate and automate various processes within their organizations. E.g. accounting, order management, etc.

Thus, it becomes possible for the developers and the analysts to restructure components, applications, define policies and cooperatively implement solutions. BizTalk Orchestration improves cycle times and deeper virtual partnerships between organizations.

Describe BizTalk Orchestration.

Functionality for creating, orchestrating business, processes, organization, applications is provided by BizTalk Orchestration. BTO separates the code of implementation from processing using powerful tools. BTO uses MS Visio as front end. A business analyst can create business process flow, selected by set of flow chart shapes, using Visio. The internal details of implementation of flow need not be known. The ‘implementation view’ and ‘data flow view’ are used by developer. Implementation view is used for binding the process activities, such as MSMQ queues, Windows Script Host scripts, Bit Talk messaging services, COM components.
BizTalk Orchestration XLANG Scheduler Engine
BizTalk Orchestration XLANG Scheduler Engine - XLANG schedule running instances: Instantiation, execution, dehydration (occurs when the XLANG Scheduler Engine has to wait for greater than three minutes to receive a message) and re-hydration (occurs when the message arrives to the XLANG Scheduler Engine)
Flow of messages in Biztalk Server engine - Biztalk
Flow of messages in Biztalk Server engine - Receive Port: listens for messages
Components of Biztalk Server architecture - Biztalk
Components of Biztalk Server architecture - Receive Port: listens for messages. Adapters: information interchange with external systems
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