C++ Container class - Explain container class and its types in C++.

Explain container class and its types in C++.

A container stores many entities and provide sequential or direct access to them. List, vector and strings are such containers in standard template library. The string class is a container that holds chars. All container classes access the contained elements safely and efficiently by using iterators. Container class is a class that hold group of same or mixed objects in memory. It can be heterogeneous and homogeneous. Heterogeneous container class can hold mixed objects in memory whereas when it is holding same objects, it is called as homogeneous container class.

What is a container class? What are the types of container classes?

A class is said to be a container class which is utilized for the purpose of holding objects in memory or persistent media. A generic class plays a role of generic holder. A container class is a good blend of predefined behavior and an interface that is well known. The purpose of container class is to hide the topology for the purpose of objects list maintenance in memory. A container class is known as heterogeneous container, when it contains a set of different objects. A container class is known as homogeneous container when it contains a set of similar objects.

What is container class? Explain containers of pointer.

- Container class is one of the classes that were put into class libraries. To handle objects that contain other objects, container classes are used. A GUI class library contains a group of container classes.
- Containers of pointers provide containers to hold the objects that are heap-allocated in manner that is exception-safe and with minimum overhead. The central idea is to make OOP easier in C++. This is done by establishing a standard a set of classes, methods to deal with OO specific problems.

What are the C++ standardized container classes?

The following are the standardized container classes :
1. std::map :
Used for handle sparse array or a sparse matrix.
2. std::vector :
Like an array, this standard container class offers additional features such as bunds checking through the at () member function, inserting or removing elements, automatic memory management and throwing exceptions.
std::string :
A better supplement for arrays of chars.
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